Burning sensation below the kneecap after cycling

A few weeks ago it started to burn slightly below the kneecap on both sides after cycling. It is not pain, but I clearly feel that something is happening there. The knees are not swollen and I don’t have a painful spot when I palpate them.

In any case, I have no idea if it is more like patellar tendonitis or bursitis.

There were no changes in training volume or equipment, however I have a tendency to shorten quads, so I started rolling out and stretching again. It didn’t get better or much worse in the last few weeks.

I will now not cycle for a week and will continue to roll out and stretch. But am unsure what else to do or not to do (like exercises, ibuprphen, walking, etc).

Have you had anything like this ? What was helpful?

It’s probably not your knee but some weakness. Have you changed anything recently?

This is what puzzles me. Nothing has changed.

Could be bike fit, could be something related to foot position, maybe just the overall volume eventually caused it, maybe you’re making more power now than you used to, maybe you are wearing shoes during the day that are causing some stress on your knees. Could be a lot of things related or unrelated to cycling.

There are indeed quite a number of potential reasons. It troubles me that it can be a long and cumbersome journey.

Any pain with kneecaps while cycling is a major red flag for me — I’d go see a sports doc asap.