Unexplained knee pain on right knee cap

Hello all,

Having a bit of a problem, I have been forced off the bike with a knee pain on my right leg. The pain is on the knee cap and the left of the knee cap. It hurts on the push part of the pedal stroke and going down stairs. I have read john lees post on knee pain but I am looking for if people have experienced this pain and what length of recovery am I looking at it. The pain is about a 3/10 more of a niggle than pain. I have had this a week now.

More background. I’ve had a professional fit about 5 months ago and it changed my comfort on the bike ten fold. Not had a single issue until now. I have no idea what caused this just got on the trainers and BOOM knee pain.

Any help would be great.

Find a good physical therapist. In my experience a PT will probably find the issue and help you get rid of it as well as prevent it in the future.

Tight muscles can cause pain in the weirdest places, I have had knee pain at the top of the knee cap because of a tight thigh. Since you asked about recovery times…took me 1-2 weeks to loosen the thigh and get clearance for getting back on the bike.

If you are not mobilizing / stretching regularly a muscular problem is even more likely, but you will have to get it checked out.

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