Knee feeling "cold"

Wondering if anyone has ever felt such a thing in their knee? I started feeling some odd sensations in my left knee after a ride last week. There isn’t any pain per se, but the knee feels “cold” and flushes. It’s not cold to the touch but the feeling like your hands or feet are very cold and then you submerge them in warm water type of feeling. I’ve also experienced some tingling.

I know the right thing to do is to go to a doc but since there really isn’t any pain I’m not sure what they would say/do.

yes i have that also, does not hurt but it is very sensitive. No idea what that is, also interested. Hopefully someone has a idea.

Exactly the same as me. I can’t pinpoint any pain but the knee definitely feels odd in that there is a “cool” sensation. I’ve been doing some one-leg eccentric squats to strengthen the patellar tendon but even doing those does not cause pain.

Sounds to me (a non doctor) like either a nerve issue or blood flow. Is it only during or after a ride? or does it persist beyond several hours after your ride? Maybe you saddle is pinching a nerve or blood vessel that goes to your knee and is causing the tingling?

Where exactly in the knee?

Ah good point. I would say I begin to feel it during a ride and often times when I sit for a prolonged period (work). First thought was that it is a tendon/overuse issue but without real “pain” it’s hard to nail down.

Honestly, I feel it all over the knee cap, sometimes on top, sometimes under, sometimes on the sides. It’s so strange.

Yes same pos. When driving car i feel it in my left knee, the knee is bend a bit and with a angle to the left (outside) kneecap or above a bit. It is like the skin is hyper sensible

Also i think it is worse right after Vo2 max intervals. I my replace them with Sweetspot for a week and do no sprints. And if not better give it a rest for like 4 days or so

It sounds like you are sitting on a nerve.

My wife had some of this during pregnancy - baby pushing on nerve. It was no concern for her doctors.

I’ve experienced this too on my right knee but it somehow went away and hasn’t come back. Maybe it was because I changed saddles?

Interesting anecdote! I have another saddle that works for me laying around and I’ll give that a try.

My thought would be if there’s anything weird going on with your knees out of the norm it’s probably worth getting your bike fit checked - or a second opinion on your bike fit.