Bump in FTP a click or 2 each week...fail?

I started SSB V2 mid-volume after completing SSB V1 low, and tested at 228. Since then I have been bumping my FTP by 1 to 2 clicks each week. I’m on my last ride before recovery week on SSB V2. I’ve followed this plan to a T, w/ the exception of missing one 2-hour ride. I’m currently at a bump of 235. Last week I was at 232 and killed Mary Austin-1, and carpathian peak the week prior w/ no issues. Yes, those sucked, but manageable. I also threw in a 5-mile run each of those weeks as well, but I have yet to run this week. I did okay this week; however, yesterday I did Leconte, and failed…miserably. I hit the first part of the interval and did fine. I took the one-minute break, and began interval 2, and began to fall apart. I had to back pedal a few times during these 10-minutes. After the first 20 minutes were done, I dropped the percentage by 3% and hit it again. I did fine on the first part of interval-2. The back half of the 2nd interval, I back pedaled, and then literally stopped for about 45 secs, and then hit it again. I realized I was missing the point of this workout, and bailed at 1 hour and 1 minute. Have I set my FTP too high? Is this a workout that many have failed? I would hope that after 5 weeks, i’d see a better improvement than 235 from 228. A little further into this…nutrition: This ride was done after waking up from a 7-hour sleep session, and I woke up and had a cup of oats w/ milk, a banana, and some chia seeds. I ate well the day before as well. I’m about to hit Wright Peak-1 in about an hour. I’m a bit disappointed and discouraged…but i’m going to give Wright Peak-1 hell…

Leconte is tough, and I wouldn’t feel too bad about failing it. Maybe you have bumped your FTP up a bit high, but I’d see how one or two other workouts go before changing much.

Also, when I’ve failed workouts in the way you describe it’s usually been due to equipment (badly adjusted wheel on trainer) or me coming down with something.

Hope the Wright Peak goes well!

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Assuming you didn’t totally smash yourself yesterday, Wright Peak will likely go better today than Leconte yesterday. Leconte is a very tough workout, and don’t forget that you DO have 5 weeks of fatigue in your legs.
Get through Wright Peak today, recover recover recover next week - and I bet you’ll see great gains when you assess the following week. Don’t sweat it.