Building in Skiing to Training Week

Trying to figure out how to accommodate skiing into my plan. Just started new plan and it prescribes Monday Rest, Tuesday Hard Intervals, Wednesday Easy Ride, Thursday Hard Intervals, Friday Rest, Saturday Hard Intervals, Sunday Endurance Ride. I typically ride late at night after the family has gone to bed. Here is the challenge. I am an avid skier and ski every Tuesday and Saturday. This means I’ll have two hard interval days after a full ski day. Most likely my legs will be pretty spent. I am trying to decide whether to just accept this and know these days will hurt but I have two easier rides the next day or whether I should push the whole plan back one day so that my easy ride and endurance ride fall on ski days. Thoughts?

Would it be possible to do your hard sessions one day earlier? Something like:
Mo: Hard intensity
Tu: ski (+endurance in the evening)
We: endurance
Thu: rest
Fri: hard intensity
Sat: ski (+endurance)
Sun: rest or easy endurance

This means two hard interval workouts instead of three which is probably enough, given that skiing will add additional stress to your week. If you want to add z2 volume, doing some double days with skiing would be my choice of weapon.

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I wouldn’t want to be trying to do hard intervals the day after a long ski day either. Either do them the day before, or wake up early and do intervals first before going skiing (although, that’ll make the skiing tough). But, you start to run into scheduling issues, so I’d also consider cutting back the number of interval / intensity sessions for the ski season.

Intervals Monday
Ski Tuesday
Easy Endurance / Recovery Ride / Rest Wednesday
Intervals Thursday
Easy Endurance / Recovery / Rest Friday
Ski Saturday (+ Endurance after if you’re feeling it)
Rest Sunday

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I’ve had this dilemma for the past few years, though I don’t have a regular skiing schedule - just live close enough to snow where skiing is always an option. I’ve ended up not following the plans too well at all. This year I’ve switched to a master’s plan with two instead of three hard workouts per week (though I would have done that regardless as I’m “older” and live at altitude and recovery takes a little longer). I’ve found I can handle a VO2 day after a ski day, but will be destroyed by a threshold or sometimes even a sweet spot workout after I ski due to muscle fatigue, so I try to schedule those before skiing when my legs are fresher. If I do a backcountry day or decide to go nordic skiing I’ll take an endurance day out of the schedule. Also I’ll sometimes make the endurance really easy or even recovery level - in my head the consistency is more important than hitting the WO targets on those.

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