Build Plan for 74 Miles and 6,000+ Feet of punchy, gravel climbs

Still working through SSBII mid volume but staring to think about the next step. I have no real goals this year so figure I would target Gravel Worlds in August to give my training a target (even if I don’t end up riding it). I would be doing the Privateer which ended up at 74 miles with 6,000+ feet of gain last year, most of which was concentrated in the middle of the race and all of which was primarily short, punchy climbs. (profile pic below) I assume this year will be similar and will include the “Bohemian Alps” section again.

Any suggestions for which build to use?


Sustained + Rolling Road could be a good combo—I think this is the route I’d go. Good mix of FTP building and muscle endurance in the build phase and then vO2 sharpening during specialty that will help with those climbs.


You’re in build and want to do another build? Or is the last sentence a typo and you meant specialty?

If you want another build I’d look at General especially if there are a lot of short punchy climbs and depending on how you like to ride.

For speciality I’d probably look at Century or Rolling RR. Leaning toward RRR for the focus on some harder/shorter efforts.

His opening sentence:

  • Meaning Sweet Spot Base 2, Mid Volume

So I think he is just looking ahead to the choice of Build, not repeating one.

Like @mcneese.chad said, I am in base and looking for a build plan to start next.

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I totally read that wrong. Durrrrrrr.

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