Build Phase AT: achievable VO2max and stretch threshold

For the first and second half of my build phase, created by Plan Builder, all my VO2 max workouts are achievable, and my threshold workouts start with a big stretch workout (current level plus 2.1). This happened twice in a row. I did report this as a bug to the TR support crew, but so far, their response is making this sound like it’s not a bug. For now, I’m going to use alternates to make things more productive.

Since it’s happened twice in a row for me, I thought I would see if others have dealt with the same issue.

You might find it all adapts as you go through it.

Why not try the workouts? I’m in polarised build with some big Vo2 and threshold jumps .

They certainly are not easy but neither are they impossible. Painful is the word I’d use but completion of stretch and breakthrough workouts also strengthen your mental approach.

Indeed, I used alternates to sub in a productive VO2max workout instead of the achievable one, and afterwards, AT updated all my VO2max and threshold workouts to more sane options (harder for VO2max and not crazy stretches for threshold).

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