IM Build Plan Looks Odd

I’m just about to complete IM Base LV and I’ll then take a week off (travelling with work) before moving onto IM Build LV. I’ve loaded the Build plan into my calendar already but I’m a bit puzzled by the cycling progression it’s showing me. The first few weeks start off super easy, with some VO2 max sessions at a progression level of 1.5-2. Even though this will be the first VO2 max sessions I’ve done in months, they looks incredibly easy, to the extent that I’m wondering what benefit I’d get from them.

These really easy sessions go on for the first 4 weeks (including the standard recovery week) before suddenly moving onto Threshold sessions at progression level 4.7 in the 5th week:

This seems really odd to me. I feel like I will be taking it really easy (too easy) for 4 weeks and then suddenly making a big jump into fairly challenging threshold sessions. Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t it be more challenging in the first month, progressing me gradually to the threshold sessions in the 5th week? Is this a weird glitch with the adaptive training? I’ve found the base plan fine, not struggled with any sessions. Note I have not used plan builder, not sure if that makes a difference or not.

For the VO2 max sessions I agree the level 1 sessions are just too easy. I skipped to the level 3 or 4 VO2 max sessions right away (by replacing my session with an ‘alternate’ session with ‘stretch’ difficulty).

I wouldn’t worry too much about what difficulty level it says in 5 weeks. It will adjust your workouts by the time you get there to match what difficulty level you should be.


Hey there,

As @bigbikeguy420 said, you can certainly use Workout Alternates to find a replacement workout if what’s proposed on your TR Calendar seems too easy.

Adaptations are also only applied to the block you are currently in, so the 5th week falls outside of that block (each block is 3 weeks “on,” 1 week “off”). Future adaptations will be applied to that 5th week once you get to it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you both. I’ll follow your advice and pick some harder VO2 max sessions for the first few weeks.


I usually do the first one as advertised, mark it easy and it will jump a few levels for next time.

Have you had you FTP assessed recently?


This :point_up_2:Just start the plan, provide honest feedback and adaptive training will adjust quickly

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Yes my FTP went up by 5 watts about 3 weeks ago.

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