Adding VO2 Max Boost Mid Build Phase

Hi there, I’m looking for some input and advice on adding in some VO2 max work to my build plan.

I started using TR back in April and have worked my way through the LV SSBI and SSBII plans with some added endurance rides each week. I’m targeting something between the LV and MV plans as I’m new to indoor structured riding, but I have a fair bit of riding experience and fitness.

I’m now in week 3 of the Sustained Power Build phase and have had to bail on the last two VO2 max workouts after 2 of the 3 interval blocks (Bashful +1 and Bashful +2, my first two failed workouts thus far ). The threshold work in the plan has definitely been very challenging, but still doable. It has become clear to me that VO2 max work just isn’t my strong suit right now and I want to improve it so I can get through the planned workouts as intended. I’ve read about Chad’s suggested VO2 max boost week to get the VO2 max work up to speed before going into a build phase.

My question is, I’m close to done with week 3 of my build phase now and I was thinking I would maybe push week 4, my rest week, back a week and put in a VO2 max centered week instead then continue on with the plan. Does this sound like a reasonable idea or should I just bow out of the plan now, do the VO2 focused work, then start the phase over? I just worry by including the VO2 max week now and continuing the plan it may add too much accumulated stress to get me through the second half of the build phase.

Thanks for any advice or input!

You might just wanna try turning down a workout like Bashful a couple percentage points.

Sustained Power Build has plenty of workouts for V02Max. I think the “one size fits all” nature of TR work less the higher you get above FTP and it may not fit you well at 125% but may be perfectly fine at like 122% or 120%. I’d start at 120%, try the first set of 5x1mins and see how they feel.

As for Chad’s workout recommendations, I really like the Mills groups. You start harder and finish going downhill. For me, mentally, they are easier to push through and whenever I’m dreading a group of hard workouts, they help me get back on the horse.


Looking at booster plan progression, you can get away with single inserted week (first 3-4 workouts) and from there continue with prescribed SusPBLV VO2Max workouts that have similar progression.

Side note: just completed Chad’s booster plan as well. In the end, initially terrifying Spencer was still really hard but doable and even enjoyed it :slight_smile:
Coming from 2x full base phase, didn’t feel much fatigue.

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Awesome, thank you. I’m going to give this a shot and see how it goes.

Sounds good, thank you. I tried dialing things down on Bashful +2 but only after the first interval which may have been too little too late. I think going from the start at a lower intensity may be a better approach.

That’s it. Try it at 95% from the start, it you feel it’s going well move to 97-98.

You get most of the intended training benefit like this, don’t worry about it.

Wise man

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