Bug (?): Sony XZ1 Premium with Bluetooth connection to trainer


I recently have this strange problem with bluetooth connection.
It happened either on new kickr core and lately on older Misuro B+ by Elite.

While I am doing some workout, sensors are connected through Bluetooth (as Sony doesn’t have Ant+) and after about 50 minutes of training, app stops “seeing” the sensors, while showing they are still paired. Meaning, there is no data whatsoever from ANY sensor (even from the heart, or cadence) , TR pauses training. Tried to turn on and off bluetooth, while on pause, and TR app found all sensors, but still when I have started pedalling, he didn’t show any data on screen from sensors, and didn’t restart the training.

Phone: Sony XZ1 Premium with Android 8.0.0 and newest Trainer Road application from Google Play.