Bug or Feature: 24hrs Event in Calendar dropps TSS after certain duration

Hi beloved TrainerRoad team and fellow cycling enthusiasts,

I will do a 24hrs Midsommer ride next weekend and wanted to adjust my B-race (as this is due to CoVid) in TSS before the actual event. (I know, pathetic ;-D )

This is what I expect: The TSS will increase with the increase in duration of the event.
What I experience: depending on the intensity I choose (between smooth and tempo) the TSS rises to a certain point and then (after 16-17 hrs of duration) starts to drop with increasing hours.

I used the arrows and the direct input. After a felt “maximum” in TSS with longer duration TSS starts to decrease.

My question: Is this intentional ?
What am I missing?

Kind regards and keep doing the awesomeness you are doing,


P.s.: If you ever start a europe subsidiary and need a Product Owner based in Germany => Call me first pls ;-D

Yep, it’s a weird bug. Just manually type your expected TSS into the system.

The Audax / Randonneur / Ultra folks here on the thread have complained a few times about this, but since it’s just a placeholder anyway, it’s not that important. For example, I know that most of my 300km events will have a TSS of about 600 if they are easy events and 800 if they are hard events, so I just put those numbers into the system.

And to be honest, Plan Builder doesn’t take these type of events into consideration when scheduling your workouts the next week anyway. You’ll likely need to use the human computer to decide to do more active recovery rather than VO2 intervals on Tuesday. :slight_smile:

Edit: And if the human computer doesn’t make that change, your legs will do it for you anyway about 90 seconds into your first work interval. Or at least that’s been my experience.

Thank you for your ultrafast reply. No worries. I Just wanted to be the good Product Owner I am, raise the unexpected behaviour and let you know. I Expected to get a lower priority in the backlog :slight_smile:

Hey there!

As @mimod mentioned, this is a known issue, and it is on our roadmap to update the calculation to better reflect the TSS of super long endurance rides.

It is low-priority however, and it may be a little while until our Developers can get around to it.

Sorry for the confusion!