600km Audax Event Showing as Negative TSS

I have entered a 600km Audax in June 2020. All being well, the ride will take me at the most about 36 hours (any more than 40 and I will get a DNF) I have entered it into my calendar as an “A” race (yes we know Audax isn’t a race!) I have gauged my intensity as “moderate” and it tells me my TSS is NEGATIVE 150!

The highest TSS estimated by TR is at 17 hours is 404 (a bit of a coincidence this number). As you ADD an hour from there on after, the TSS starts declining until I get to 36 hours when it is -150.

I stopped there because I was worried I may get sucked into a parallel universe by the TR software.

I’m thinking this is a bug that needs fixing for long distance and ultra events. Can you help?

Perhaps enter it as a 2 day stage race each of 17 hours?

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Maybe it’s like the millennium bug, they only allocated 3 digits for TSS to save on memory, so instead of going to 1000 it goes negative…

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It’s a bug they should know about, it was mentioned for example here: TSS estimated on calender incorrect

I would probably just estimate it by finding out what tss it gives you for about 10 hours, and then multiplying by however many hours you think you’ll do.

Tbh I’m not sure if the exact figure matters, it will basically be ‘a lot more than other rides’. I think the whole tss thing works best for typical road races and not so well for other events.


Good ideas all round. Thanks everyone. Do you think the techies will come across this thread? Or shall I raise a ticket with support?

I’m sure the TSS forecast doesn’t really matter but it’s nice to have things working properly. The TSS is more important AFTER I’ve ridden for recovery reasons and something to show my children’s children. IF I am fortunate enough to complete it! :crossed_fingers:

Go ahead and do that. We are several who have run up against this. I think even 400 km brevets run in to this. I just guesstimate 500 a day. I do that because I did a 1000 km in 2019 with a powermeter and that was the vicinity I landed in each day.

Edit: just checked my 1000 km: Day 1 17 hours, 871 tss, Day 2 13.75 hours 579, Day 3 15 hours 519.

I had a mechanical issue on the third day that took time, so the number of hours were greater, but not the stress.

“Sportives are for those who pretend they are racing. Brevets are for those who pretend they are not.”


IIRC from playing with the estimator, it’s around 13-14 hours it starts going down instead of up - so a 300 unless you’re mega fast!

Excellent, what’s the event?

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When I did PBP (1200k) i just split up my time between the days. Same w other brevets I do that are multi-day…and it sounds like that’s what other folks are doing. Works for me. I don’t see a need for any big software fix, etc.

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Except that 400 can hit the roof.

It really doesn’t matter too much. It is just an estimate and since I have done so many, I can go back and borrow an actual TSS for a brevet and apply it to one in the planning phase.


I did the Bryan Chapman 600 in 37.5 hours - TR tells me the TSS was 1039 and the IF 0.62, so this might be the kind of ballpark you’re in. Which 600 are you doing? I’m planning on riding Benjamin Allen’s Summer Outing in June …

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Will do sir

Fenlands Friends in Essex by ACME. None of my local events in the South West work (I’m a single dad) so I have to travel to get one. Long weekend “break” for me. It is very flat and has about the same elevation as the regular 200s I do. I am going to get a very sore butt no doubt!

Excellent event I hear. I am doing the baby sister of the BCM (Brevet Cymru) This will be my first 600. I have done a hilly 500 so I’m expecting similar issues. Except fort the fact it’s flat and I get a sore butt on flat rides. This is my only non-AAA ride that I have booked. I don’t really know what to expect. I did a big ride in the Netherlands and had my worst saddle sores ever.

I ride with Audax Club Bristol usually.

…with a CRAZY headwind, if you’re unlucky!

Did that one in 2018 myself, at one point I was doing 200w on aero bars to go…12 kph! That was a long day :smiley: At least hills end at some point :grimacing:

Good luck, make the most of the tailwind parts but don’t go out too hard like I did and have nothing left to grind into that headwind on day 2!

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Ah yes, Fenland Friends - I too rode that in 2018, and the return across the Fens was indeed … special. Probably need to roll your own custom TR workout to train for that - a four hour continuous upper-tempo interval should do it :wink:

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I wrote across the Fens in 2017, the last quarter or so of LEL … with 70 km/h winds, straight in my face from Louth onwards. Special, is a good description.


Thank you @alexgold123 , @Alexbrn and @dlridings . I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve ridden with some of the ACME lot and they are very similar in persona to our own ACB crew. It’ll be my first shot at getting my SR (Super Randonneur) so I’m enthusiastic. I’ve only been doing Audax events for 3 seasons so I have a huge amount to learn.

Just got my first AAARtY in this month (awaiting verification) which means a lot to me. I’m not a natural climber which is why I did it. In fact I’m not a natural cyclist, so what I am playing at I have no idea.


Ticket sent to support.

Update: TR are aware of the bug and are working on squashing it.

In the meantime they suggest that if I plan a moderate effort I would be looking at a TSS of 1714! :flushed:

I must have been very bad in a past life. Wish me luck.