24 Hour Race Events in a Training Plan

Question: I’m setting up an Adaptive Training Plan for three 24-hour non-drafting non-stop “time trial” road races. RAAM Qualifiers. I assume Grand Fondo is the ride type I should select?

Limitation: Setting up my upcoming races, I can’t enter 24 hours. I can enter 23:59:59, which is obviously good enough. But consider allowing 24 hours.

Suggestion: The auto-generated TSS calculation is way off. A moderate level 24-hour race TSS is 1000+ TSS. The auto-generated estimate is like 360… which is barely more than the 340 or so TSS that a similar 12 hour race generates. So there is some kind of exponential decay in the estimate that is wrong. I can overwrite the TSS with a better value. It might be worth checking the formula.

I think this is because they RPE rating is based on the expected IF for that race distance. So a 1hr race at level 10 will give you 100 TSS but a 2 hr only 190. Then the difference between 4 and 5 hours is only 70TSS. So the RPE rating is more about your peak output for that duration. If I put a 24hr event in I get 1000TSS at an RPE of 9 (Race Pace) which might only be like 65% but that’s what race pace is for a 24hr race.