Brand new mac, Catalina OSX, won't find my device

I have a brand new mac with Catalina OS and bluetooth 5.0 wireless. Downloaded the TR app and it doesn’t sync with my Cycleops Hammer. Doesn’t find the device.

I would send a support ticket to They should be able to help you out.

Assume you had the trainer paired to another device. Turn off the Bluetooth of that device and rescan on the new Mac.

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thanks, I’ve sent a couple lately so I feel like a PIA.

Beth A. Lamie

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yes, I’ve been using my phone. I’ll try that. thanks

Beth A. Lamie

Pegasus Elite Athlete Management
The Wheelhouse Cycling Studio

Follow us on Twitter @team_pegasus

This. I’ve had this happen multiple times. Turn off bluetooth on all devices except for your new Mac. Restart the Hammer and TR. Sometimes it requires a reboot on your Mac as well. It should pick up your Hammer after that.

Also kill apps. Some apps pair and never release.

That’s what the Support Team is there for :slight_smile:

Never hesitate to reach out; we’re always happy to help.

I’ve also seen a situation (not usually with TR though) where you have to ‘forget’ the device (i.e. your trainer) on the other computer/tablet/phone before it becomes available to pair on the current device you’re running TR on.

This may be more of an issue with ANT+ and seems to be device dependent, but it may help you.

one time I had an issue and TR support had me reset bluetooth on the MacBook Pro. The procedure is to hold down shift and option keys, then click on Bluetooth icon in task bar. A Debug option appears and you can “Reset the Bluetooth module” - but drop support a line first and see what they have to say.

Thanks to everyone with their responses. I’ve turned the bluetooth off on my phone and the app on the laptop picked up my trainer right away. :+1:


I spoke too soon. When I shut the bluetooth off on my phone to test this I was able to pair the hammer on the Macbook right away. But later, I got ready to ride, set up my husband’s PC (had to re download TR for the 3rd time because the antivirus messes with it), set up my mac and … TR never picked up my device. Unpaired my device from my husband’s PC, tried again, nothing.
I’m not going to try to solve this - there are too many things with bluetooth that want to pair to my mac or my phone or the hammer and I can get the workout on TR on my phone so I’ll just use that. It’s just that when you are doing a 3 hour ride, the intervals are pretty small and you can’t always see what you have coming up. But I’ll deal. Thanks for all the suggestions, though!

I find needing to restart the app. BT is a bit wonky, it’s why I prefer ANT+. I’ve had similar problems with Zwift, and sometimes I left an app running in the background, on my phone, or other device, that took the BT connection.

I don’t have that many ANT+ devices to connect from, so it narrows down my search. The concurrency problem, though, results in wonky trainer control.

Do you have to have a dongle for the ant+? The new laptop doesn’t have a usb port (what world is this?), so I’m not sure about connecting via ant+…

In my garage a 2016 MacBook Pro has a more reliable connection via Bluetooth. For ANT+ it’s setup with a Garmin ANT+ adapter and extension cable to put the adapter with 12 inches of Stages crank power meter and Wahoo Kickr 2017.

Yes, I have a dongle.

The new laptops use USB-C. You can get a USB-C to USB-A adapter, or get a hub, or a USB-C to multi-port adapter.

There are multi-port hubs that you can use.

I use the latter one, the Digital AV, as I can run a charger to the port at the same time, and it is useful for HDMI as well.

Then I use a 6ft USB extension cord (Amazon Basic), with an ANT+ dongle at the end of it and put it near the trainer.

Tempting. Just because… but I think I’ll stick with the phone. Good to know, though. Thanks!

buy a super cheap iPad or an old used one and keep it in the pain cave?

Yeah, I was thinking that I have one that I might resurrect. Problem is, I don’t think about it until I’m about to get on the bike, and then it’s too late. Need to put it on my list of ‘things to do’. :wink:

Most devices only have a single bluetooth connection and the issue with most modern phones and laptops is that once you’ve paired the device if they detect it nearby they will grab the connection as soon as it comes online. The only solution is to forget the device every time you stop using it or to only pair it with the device you’re going to use. There’s no great solution here other than persistence and keeping trying sadly!