Boost Spaced Hardtail MTB - Wheel on trainer recommendations?

Hi folks,

I’m looking to get into the Trainerroad app. I have a hardtail mountian bike that has boost rear spacing that I would like to use as a trainer for my enduro rounds (amateur ambitions only).

I’m happy enough using Virtual Power, but happy to look into smart trainers at the right price. I have a spare 27.5 inch wheel which I would like to use with my 1x11 SRAM setup.

Is anyone using a similar setup? Are there any compatible wheel on trainers? Direct drive is out of my price bracket.


I used Taxc trainers. They have a boost option for thru axle. This is even in their affordable flux option.

Thank jdbracken - the Tax Flux direct drive smart trainer is still over 1k here in Australia and probably a little higher than requried for my needs. I’m after something that is hopefully a little more affordable.

Cycleops Magnus and M2 work, qhen you add their adapter.

Wahoo Snap does not claim 148mm compatible.

I have my 2019 Rocky Mountain Element C50 with Boost 29’s /Sram 1 x 12 in a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2 and have had zero issues with it since October, paid 370.00 for it.

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I have a Wahoo Kickr Snap and use it with my boost MTB (Scott Spark RC 900) for the past 15 months without issue. I did have to buy a separate thru axle for the trainer though.

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That’s entirely possible, but I was simply going by what they claim on their own spec’s page.

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I believe any of the cycleops trainers are also compatible with Boost when you use the adapter thru-axle. I’ve been using the gen 1 Magnus smart trainer and have loved it. I had used the Fluid2 with virtual power and that also was a great set up as well.

Thanks for the feedback, the Cycle Ops, Kurt Kinetic and KICKR Snap all look good.

Given that I’ll be using it with my mountain bike - what rear tyres have people been using with the wheel on trainers?

I’m guessing nobby tyres arent’ great :slight_smile:

I have tried XC mountain bike tires (noisy) and road slick tires (slips and wears), neither have worked well. I’ve use the following for the past year and it’s great. It looks as new as the day I bought it and never slips or shreds. I inflate it to a 100 psi.

Get a trainer tire. The cycle ops M2 if you have those funds available is the way to go. Kickr snap would be a great option but website says no boost option. Also Cycleops does a 20% discount couple times a year so it’s an even better deal if you can wait for that to happen.


WTB THICKSLICK off of Ebay… works GREAT!

I have tried that and it works fine, but slipped more often. I felt the Tacx works better.

I’ve used the Panaracer Pacenti Pari-Moto 27.5 with good results. I have it on an old Stans Arch EX so I can’t air it up past 50 psi without blowing off the rim.

I’m still using my Qubo Power Fluid with added adapter kit for boost spacing. It works fairly well with the virtual power feature if you’re on a budget. Not really accurate, but perfectly fine for training with TR.
The adapter kit works well enough on my Scott Spark RC carbon rear triangle (SRAM Eagle). I think it cost around $370 Aud once you included the adapter. It also worked perfectly well on my non boost hardtail running XT.
The unit uses a larger diameter roller made out of some type of plastic they call elastogel. It grips well and works really well with the Maxxis Overdrive tyres you can get anywhere in Australia.

Don’t forget you’ll also need a speed sensor and cadence sensor if you want to get virtual power and follow cadence drills on the TR app.

If you need any other info just ask and I’ll do my best to help out.


29” wheel with large tires can be a tight fit on the kinetic road machine. I used a 27.5 with a maxxis slick tire - refuse I believe. Since swapping to a new bike with eagle, switched to using an old road bike on the trainer. Year round riding here, so swapping cassette to a new wheel and swapping wheel and putting bike in the trainer and then undoing that for a ride is an extra 10 minutes of time I don’t want to waste.

Cheers for that info - I’ll look it all up.

As soon as I got it mounted up I took some alcohol wipes and cleaned the tire really well, I didn’t have any slippage issues.

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Just thought I’d share, I decided on an H2 and have mounted my Boost hardtail onto it. I’m running Eagle as well and my other bike is running Campagnolo 10 speed. I threw a Shimano 105 11 speed 12-25 onto it and threw the MTB on. The thru axle adapters screw onto the unit, then you use the thru-axle from your bike to mount the bike to it.

It’s very solid and works completely fine. I am using it in ERG mode, so haven’t tried shifting at all. It’s rock solid in the middle of the cassette.

It’s also very quiet, I was worried about the review on DC Rainmaker, but it’s quieter than my Elite Qubo wheel on smart trainer.

Loving having the mtb on there as needed to tweak my fit a bit more and couldn’t do that without a trainer. It was something I’d put off for many years and am really pleased I’ve made the investment.

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