Bmr / daily calories ect

So been trying to understand and focus on my diet to help with my training — curious to what calculator you use to calculate your daily calorie needs disregard activity.

I was using the calculator as below
KJ (4.184) is equivalent to 1 calorie

I use a InBody scanner at a local supplement store often to calculate my BF Ect .

My most recent readings is

BF - 9.9% —- Body Weight - 149lbs — BMR - 7075KJ ( 1691 ) calories

I found a calculator of that states BMR for a very active individual is BMR X 1.725 is daily calorie needs ( 2920c) - however my fitness pal calculates daily calorie needs at 2300 - Well running 2300 calories a day plus additional calories per exercise burn I’m still starving!!!

Currious To how you guys are calculating your daily caloric needs

I’m training around 11-14hrs a week 600-700TSS

I like the calculator below because you can see several calculations all at the same time. According to the info Mifflin St Jeor is the most accurate for resting expenditure.

SailRabbit: BMR, TDEE and BMI Calculator

Usually the activity adjustments are good for background activity and it is better to add exercise calories individually to come up with the total. The activity multiplier differentiates between someone on their feet working construction all day vs a desk job. For both people their cycling calories will be more accurate if you use the info from a PM.

Ultimately it’s all an estimate and the best way to find your maintenance level is keep changing calories slowly until you see weight loss, gain, or maintenance depending on your goals. Unfortunately it’s very hard to be that consistent in diet and activity over several weeks.