BMR Calculator Based Upon Fat Free Mass

I went to look for a link to something like this after hearing about it on episode 43 of Successful Athletes Podcast and noticed that there was never a topic created for this episode - was that an oversight or am I just missing it somewhere?

Anyways, as the title indicates, I am looking for a more accurate BMR calc based upon fat free mass as opposed to just height and weight. Does anyone have one that they like?

Seems this one might do what you want:

You have to choose “I know my LBM” a the top, and enter the data.


Alex here … i made a chart in exel - happy to share on google docs if you want -

What i realized was BMR is one thing but IOC statement is more weighted towards

kcal/kg FFM/day

to quote a passage:

'many…systems are substantially perturbed at an EA <30 kcal/kg FFM/day ’

so if you weight 70kg and at 10% BF - your FFM = 63kg -

30kcal * 63kg = 1890kcal

if you put the same numbers into the calc above you get 1730kcal

IOS consensus statement here - scroll to measurement of EA (energy availability)

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Hugely helpful Alex, thank you for chiming in. That is exactly what I was looking for. I thought everything you had to say on the podcast was super informative so thanks again!