PC Bluetooth audio stutters when TR running

I have a windows desktop with a USB Bluetooth dongle. I’ve noticed the audio stutter on my Bluetooth headphones when watching streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. It only happens when the TR app is running. When I close the app, the stuttering stops. As soon as it opens, it stutters. The video does not stutter, just the audio coming through the headphones. I also unplugged my smart trainer to see if the Bluetooth was competing with the headphones. I still had the stuttering. So it has something to do with TR. Does anyone have ideas on how to

Update: I bought a 5.0 USB dongle and this fixed the issue.

I had this happen to me when using TR app and BT headphone. After experimenting with various set-ups I found it was because my BT headphones were also connecting to my phone. When I kill the connection so that it’s only connected to one device, either my phone or my computer, it’s fine.

I turned off Bluetooth on my phone. Still stuttering. Thank you for the help.

sounds like a great excuse to get better headphones imo. but you could try seeing if there’s an update for the headphones (yes BT headphones often have software updates). Else the BT module could be a pos and an adapter might be your best bet. Worst case go old school and hang a long cable from the ceiling (to keep sweat from getting to the PC

I’m going to try a new Bluetooth USB. I have a 4.0 and am getting a 5.0. Maybe the extra bandwidth will help. My headphones are pretty nice. I also have an cord to extend the range of the dongle. It’s only when trainer road is on that it happens. So I think it needs more room for both signals.