Bkool Trainer issue - no power reading

Hi everybody, I have a technical issue I think and with two session missed, I’m getting desperate.

Tuesday I open TR and after selecting my training I didn’t see the “pedal to start” message, I looked better and my Bkool Trainer wasn’t paired.
I move back to the Bkool simulator to see if it was TR problem. After some minutes, a Bkool simulator update and moving my notebook with ant+ usb closer I’ve been able to pair the trainer. The device list page is different now and I can’t understand if the FE-C protocol is selected, nor I can find where to change it (but maybe after the update they made it a standard configuration, who knows).
So I moved back to TR and I can finally pair the trainer, I see the “Pedal to start” message BUT no power reading comes from the trainer, only cadence and speed.
Did someone have the same problem? Can you help me solve it?
Of course I’ve open 2 different support request, one with Bkool and one with TR.