Using Trainerroad and BKool Simulator simultaneously

Hi forumites,

I’ve taken advantage of the free premium offer for BKool but I cannot seem to be able to get my Wattbike Atom to pair separately with both TR and the BKool PC software. This is a very simple task in Zwift but every other alternate software I’ve tried seems incapable of doing this (RGT and Rouvy to date).

I use TR on my tablet (Samsung with inbuilt BR and ant+). I have an Ant+ and BT dongle on my PC. Wattbike is connected to my PC. I can connect the Wattbike, but then the TR connection on my tablet falls over. If I connect to TR on the tablet the BKool software has nothing to connect to.

Anyone any ideas, hacks or fixes?

Thanks guys,


Ive thought about this, but not tried it. Try loading your loading your TR workout on your Garmin as an outdoor ride and then ride Bkool route within the power range on your garmin. I have Neo, so Bkool runs off that and the power from my assioma pedals drives the Garmin. I might try it later.

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