Big fitness bump, when?


Weekly TSS and CTL graph showing my plan until race season starts in may:

My plan is to do base ending around 115 CTL, then build and half spes at ca same weekly training load before taking 3 weeks off work to do overload/bootcamp period with spes plan and ALLOT of bonus Z2. then dropping my volume quite a bit the coming 5 weeks when i have most races (May)

As you see from CTL image below i did something similar this fall and had good sucess and very good race shape in the area marked red.

I have have done BBS with the included taper as TR gives but never had good legs, i’m better before i let up training then after taper. But as my plan and my result from big overload and then big/long taper in the fall i got so good legs for such a long time and wanna try this again.

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Any input on this fitness build/plan?

I don’t think you’re getting much help because you’re putting up odd graphs and it’s not clear what your showing and/or asking.

Is there a reason your not following the TR recommended Base - Build - Specialty periodization?

Thanks for reply, I have rewrote my first post to try explain better.
I do follow TR BBS, but i want to use my vacation from work to do more training and my question is when i should apply this to reap the benefits most. My plan is to do it at the end of specialty and then drop TSS/Volume the coming 5 weeks to have good race shape for the last 4 weeks. Also hard to keep up my TSS during this period because of travel/many races.

I would say it depends quite a bit on what kind of races you’re doing. If they require a lot of endurance and sustained power (70.3, IM, centuries, stage races, etc) then a big bump in volume towards the end of speciality might be a good thing provided you can recover from it. On the other hand, if you’re targeting shorter races and Specialty is therefore focused on sharpening up top end power, then I think that volume would be better off earlier in your plan to build a bigger base. If you try and do it at the same time as lots of sprint/anaerobic/VO2 workouts I think the quality will suffer.

Taper can be quite an individual thing, so if the TR taper hasn’t worked for you I would try and figure out why. I think the TR taper is designed around a big A race. I find that doing a full taper for an A race does net me a great result on the day, but at quite a big cost. Taking a full 7-10 days to taper means going through a dip where I feel terrible for a few days before I get better. Does enable me to have a great race day and dig really really deep. But then the cost of digging that deep is that it takes me a couple of weeks before I can really hit my stride again in training. So effectively that A race is knocking about a month out of my season. If I want an extended peak for a number of races then I do a much shorter taper, typically keeping reasonably high volume and normal training Monday-Wednesday, take Thursday off, do a shortish activation workout on Friday, race Saturday, rest or easy workout on Sunday, then rinse and repeat.

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Was actually trying to delete this thread since no reply, but very happy i managed to bump the thread up by deleting my last post.

Actually answers and suplies me with all the input i needed to make my plan from now to race season starts.
“Sadly” this will make me take away the big volume bump and figure a better way to implement my vacation with training and recovery.

I am not doing any triathlon or very long races. Most will be 23-120Min with a few that is 150-250min.