Bike rack/storage solution for new rental home

We just moved from Japan to Austria and our bike stable has grown to 3 bikes already. More specifically, we have

  • 1 hardtail that doubles as a commuter,
  • 1 road bike and
  • 1 commuter bike (my wife’s).

In the future, we’d like to get our daughter a bike again.

We have a storage shed (with outlet and all) that measures about 2.25 x 2.25 m^2, and I am pondering over the options. As an interim solution I ordered bike stands that look like this. But in the long run, I was thinking whether it’d make sense to buy something like this or this Topeak stand. At least my mountain bike and my wife’s commuter would essentially be in daily use.

Since we are living in a rental, I’d like to refrain from drilling holes or make other permanent modifiations.

Not wanting to drill into the walls in rented flat which doesn’t have the width for something like what you’ve linked to, I went for the BikeNook so I could squeeze in a gravel bike. I didn’t expect much of it but its been surprisingly good/stable and I bought another two for my TT bike and road bike.

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That looks like an excellent option. Just one question: how well does it handle? It would seem more natural (in theory) to have the saddle point towards me rather than away from me.

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My son took 4 bikes to college (road/mountain/cross/beater for around campus). We were able to put one of them in secure relatively far) off campus storage, the beater with a lock with other student bikes near the dorm. He has a single, so was keeping the other two (XXLs) in his room. BikeNooks worked out very well.



You’ve got two heavier bikes that you probably don’t want to lift.

(Couldn’t link this actual IG post)

Just sprinkle the bikes around the house

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Kids these days…back when I went to school, I had a triple in the size of a room that today would be considered a tight double.



:grinning: Yeah, we don’t know how he got so lucky–we were worried about how 6’8" would work on a bunk bed, and figured all the hoops players would get dibs on any height accommodations.


Sorry I missed your question, my bad! I’ll usually stand on the saddle side, perhaps to the side of the bike and it’ll rotate up on the way easy. Although I often stand the bike up on its rear wheel outside the stand and lift the bike in putting it down on the seat post, then wheel. Rotating it up doesn’t always grip the seat post in the right place lifting it in you’re guaranteed of it :+1:

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