Bicarb and PR Lotion - Still in Vogue?

Hi all!

There has been a lot of conversation in recent weeks/months about bicarb and Maurten’s incredibly expensive (and gag-inducing) product. I noticed that we haven’t heard much discussion lately about topical bicarb products, such as AMP Human’s PR Lotion. Is PR Lotion still a thing, or has it been superseded by something else?

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Still a thing, but called Momentous now.

Read this trial (open access).

The study covers two trials. In trial A, we have Amp Human vs oral sodium bicarb. Blood pH and bicarb were elevated in the oral bicarb group, which you would hope would be the case. They were not elevated in the Amp Human group. No difference in performance measures.

Trial B was Amp Human vs placebo lotion. Both arms showed no difference in blood parameters.

We know how sodium bicarb works, and it has to get into the bloodstream. If it isn’t even getting into the bloodstream, then unless there’s another mechanism of action, we don’t even need to ask if the product is effective.

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pH bufffering is the reason sports drinks use Sodium Citrate instead of Sodium Chloride,

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Just another one of Lance’s heavily promoted snake oils


I would not use it here or there
I would not use it anywhere
–Dr Seuss, probably


As a trial user of both I’d try PR lotion over maurten. And not to knock every article but personally I haven’t felt much out of either.

I’d suggest tossing money into ketones and carbs over this

Maurten IS carbs.

I was scratching my head on that one as well.

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yes, and clearly you’ve never rubbed sugar all over your legs. Def Leppard wrote a song about it :metal:



Legit LOL and nearly a spit-take. Well played, sir :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m referring to their bicarbonate product folks, as mentioned by OP.


Ha. Apologies. I didn’t even know they made a bicarbonate product!

All good

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ketones also dangerous snake oil

I am inclined to believe the studies posted here. But I also have a back stock of PR lotion that I bought years ago. What can I say, marketing works!?!

So now what? Throw it out? Use it and try and trick my brain that it works, getting some placebo effect? I guess I am going to do the latter. It can’t hurt.

In the same vein, I used to use SportLegs as a supplement for hard workouts. Not sure it ever did anything, but it was cheap enough that it was a nice ritual and placebo boost to know that going into a hard workout, I had a little something extra to help. I think they were just magnesium and something else if I remember correctly. I still think it is not a bad idea to have something like this, if it is cheap and you can just blindly believe that it will help. It is a nice little mental trick.

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Maybe it works as a sun screen. You can use it in the summer?

Massage lotion

But, now deep inside your brain you know it doesn’t work, so you probably won’t push yourself as hard. So, I would say throw it out.

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Entertainingly that isn’t necessarily how the placebo effect works, and telling someone something is a placebo doesn’t necessarily eliminate the effect.