Bicarbonate Buffers (PR lotion etc)

Hi Everyone,

I have a quick query which I have been pondering over.

I took the plunge and purchased AMP lotion (Bicabonate buffer) in an attempt to see if it improved my performance and endurance at high intensities.

I think it did have a positive effect when I used it, especially on longer rides. However, I didn’t apply it one ride and really struggled. Now this could have nothing to do with the lotion and more to do with nutrition, but it got me thinking…

As I understand it, exposing muscles to high lactate levels results in adaptive compensatory mechanisms which improve performance in the longer term. Therefore, my question is, does using these buffering solutions prevent this compensatory response and therefore hinder adaptation to higher lactate levels.
If it does, then surely that is far from ideal and I’m becoming reliant on it ???

I’d be really interested in peoples views.



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