Bibs & Shorts Discussion 2023

I wear a small in all 3 brands.

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I have tried a few different brands/models, but the one that’s been best for me is Rapha Core bibs. I specifically like the compression, chamois, and the way they fit on the hips. I need to purchase some new bibs for the season and might just go with the core again but wanted to see if anyone here has found something that works similarly for them.

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I have been using the Giordano FR-C Pro bibs for the last 4 years or so. Colorado Cyclist was clearing out old models a few years ago. I bought two and loved them. Bought 2 more. They lowered the price again and I bought 2 more pairs. I was paying only about $110 a pair for the last two (MSRP $250). I am about to crack open my last two new pairs so I need to look for another good sale on these.

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Bookmark Swiss Iconic: Mens - Bibs & Shorts – Swiss Iconic

Not much size variety in stock right now, just European XL and larger, but the site is worth keeping an eye on for fans of Giordana bibs.

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Has anyone had issues with Pactimo bibs being too loose in the private area? I formerly swore by them. I have multiple pairs of the Summit Stratos and Summit Stratos Range that are less than 6 months old, and I’ve been getting some pretty uncomfortable chafing on my dangly bits because of the lack of compression in the right areas. The rest of bib fits right, so that’s not the problem.

I typically like a good compression in the private area to keep my bits secure. Does anyone have any other recommendations that have good compression in this area (I’ve never tried Assos, and just purchased 2 pairs of Rapha that are too early to judge).

If it matters, I’m 5’9" and a 180 lbs/82ish kilos.

I’ve had that issue with the upgraded Black Bibs (ultimate?), much better fit for me with stuff from Pedal Mafia and Castelli (both on sale).

I’m a bit oddly shaped at 6’4 190lbs, lots of things seem to be tight on my shoulders but if I go bigger they are loose.

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Not so much with compression, but I’ve been very unimpressed with Pactimo’s new chamois line. Their Summit bibs with the green chamois was my go to bibs for a long time, but their new stuff doesn’t provide enough protection, especially width wise. Dunno why they made everything more narrow.

What’s the general feeling on “different” bib colors? Dark green, maroon, brown. La Passione has a set of Forest green bibs that look pretty nice. Not sure I’m bold enough to wear green bibs though.

I have a dark green pair of rapha ones. Does not bother me to wear them.


I bought a pair Velocio ultralight bib tights. At 5’10” 165 lbs the med is very tight. They do have a free return policy if they don’t fit you.

Green is tricky as it can show sweat like crazy. My rapha forest green bibs get pretty stained in summer heat.


Indoor trainer rides where no one can see your fashion sense :rofl:

That’s actually not a bad idea. If they fit well but just look bad, they can always become indoor bibs. I have a pair of bibs that have huge neon green stripes that I picked up for like $50 on final sale once that made great trainer bibs.


And I sweat a lot.

I’m going with it. La Passione is having a big sale. Green bibs and orange jersey. Lycra pumpkin here I come. I love their bibs so worse case I look silly on the trainer.


As was said by @TrekCentury, Velocio bibs are very compressive. They even provide instructions on their site about putting them on.

The only bib shorts and bib tights I’ve worn that respect my meat and two veg are Assos bibs.

All the others seem to want to make it aero, compress it, or who knows what they’re trying to accomplish.

What brands have thinner, firmer chamois? I have the last 2 versions of the Endura Pro SL bibs (not the newest EGM ones), some Castelli Insiders and Bioracer Spitfire and Icon bibs. Really don’t like the Insider chamois, it’s thick and absorbant and kind of shapeless. The Bioracer chamois are a little thinner but still like 2x the thickness of the older style Pro SL bibs. Wondering if people had recommendations for other chamois I may like.

I just bought, and quickly returned, a pair of Rapha Pro Team bibs because the chamois had the density of a used kitchen sponge. I also like a firm chamois. Specialized SL and La Passione have been great for me.

Anyone have any experience with crash replacements at Castelli? I’m wondering if I have to buy from them for it to apply. Going to reach out to customer support to see if anything can be done.

That is almost always how a crash replacement program works…unless you are dealing with a brand that has a large dealer network, in which case they will direct you there.

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