Women’s Bib/shorts 2023

It’s been a while since a thread has been dedicated to women’s shorts. Ladies - what are you wearing in 2023? Please include link to product.

Still in Wyn Republic Velocity. I tend to stock up when they’re on sale. Have done 220km days in them recently without issue.

In the last 18 months or so have also bought Peppermint but found the chamois deteriorated to the point where they are extremely uncomfortable and do not like their leg gripper design.

I have some pairs of PI shorts that I only wear for <1 hr rides.

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I looked at Wyn…the size chart indicated I’m a Medium; I usually wear an XS or S. Do the sizes run small in your opinion?

Fairly true to size in my experience. (I’m usually a XS and that seems to fit me well in the Wyn bibs.)

That’s AU sizing though, and I think they were an Australian company originally so I wonder if that might have something to do with it? if you’re in the US their sizes tend to run slightly larger IME.

I buy according to the size chart and have been happy. In the US I think they have free returns if you have issues with the sizing.

For rides > 4hrs I’m still wearing a pair of Assos T.LaalalaiShorts_s7 that I got in 2021. Have seen me through a couple centuries without discomfort - hands down the best I’ve tried so far!

The updated version is UMA GTV BIB SHORTS C2

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Out of all the bibs I’ve tried, Voler was the best fit for me! Their chamois always felt comfortable in short/long rides. :slight_smile:

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I am a huge fan of Voler too! I spoiled myself getting some really good deals a few years ago…now I never seem to find them that cheap. And they support Hannah Otto!

Just curious what other people wear and find comfortable.

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My club uses Jakroo for our kits, and I have to say that I really like their bibshorts, to the point that I’ve made my own custom designs. I’m less enamored of their shorts - I’ve given them feedback that I don’t like how the shorts don’t have high enough coverage in back, so I get a gap between short and jersey. I see this on my teammate as well, who doesn’t like bibs and only wears shorts, so it’s not just my body.

For shorts, I still really like the Pearl Izumi Attack shorts. I used to really like Sugoi shorts, but as the Sugoi age they seem to give me more problems than the Pearl Izumi ones do.

Pactimo assent vectors are the absolute best for me (at least last year’s were) and they have solid sales fairly regularly. My Gobik bibs are my second favorites.

I really want to try Wyn but they are just so expensive.

My team wears Jakroo as well. I ordered a pair of bibs with the upgraded chamois and it was definitely worth it! Probably not 4+ hour shorts but better than an hour with the standard chamois.

I have these as well! Nice shorts and fit well. Floating chamois is very thick but not in a bad way. I get a lot of comments on how sharp they look (I found the purple strap ones on sale).

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I wear Velocio. They are pricey, but they only seem to get better. I try to catch them for 20% off sales. My favorites are the Luxe. But, I have the Signature and the Concepts too. I love being able to easily pull them down for bathroom breaks.

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I’m still wearing the Velocio Signature bibs I got in 2020. Can confirm the drop-tail works in the wild. Definitely wait for a sale.

I really like the Le Col Pro Heritage bibs I got in 2021, but it doesn’t look like they make them anymore. Also not drop-tail, so I only use them for shorter rides or if I know there’s a reasonable restroom on my route.

For cold weather, I have Sportful Fiandre NoRain bib tights and they’re fantastic (and long, I’m tall):

Bibs I haven’t liked at all:

  • dhb Aeron: The criss-cross design in the front cuts directly into my belly, and the strap material is itchy and not stretchy enough so I always end up with red marks around my neck. The length on the legs is great, they’re my longest pair.
  • UYN: I kept seeing this stuff massively discounted and finally gave in. It’s all terrible, some kind of awful itchy knit material that is mostly transparent and not compressive. Bad, avoid.
  • Bioracer: I wanted to love these because they’re Star Wars themed but the chamois did not work for me at all, it’s really thick and doesn’t fit my sit bones.
  • 7Mesh: Wanted to love these too, the straps and the mesh front are super comfortable and they’re obviously well-made. I don’t know if I got the wrong size or what but the legs ride up way into my hip crease and chafe like a mf-er. They’re laser-cut with silicone grippy things on the inside, so maybe I just need the sausage-leg experience heh.
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You’re right - I upgraded the chamois this year on my bibshorts and they are TOTALLY worth it!!! Sooo much better than their standard chamois. And I’m hoping they last longer - their standard chamois is completely shot for me after a heavy year of riding.

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