Bib shorts that don't go below knees for ppl with short quads and normal butts

I’m sure there must be others with this problem. I’m 5’8" and most bib shorts are just too long and go below my knees when they ‘fit’ around my butt and nether regions (meaning pretty tight but not nugget-suffocating if you know what I mean lol). I know many will say to tolerate it, but the point is: one size too small and it strangles my ‘goods’ and one size larger and it’s length is below my knees.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

I am 5 8 and use Rapha Bib Shorts mainly. They fit comfortably above my knees and I have a long torso with relatively short legs.

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Assos, Size EU S. Fits nicely.

5’9 here. No issues with Sportful or Pearl iZumi.

For reference, tried several Assos bibs and they are some of the longest (below the knee) bibs I’ve tried. The only one that ended above my knee was XS which was too small ‘up top’.

I am only 5 feet 3.5 inches on a tall day. I dont have an issue with shorts… I use Gore c5 bibs last few years. Previously I have used Pearl Izumi shorts.

I’m the same way. 5’8" 170lbs and wear medium bib shorts. I find regular length bibshorts go right to the top of my knees which wouldn’t be so bad if the leg openings were tight . However, some tend to have too big an opening which makes the shorts just look like baggies. Kinda annoying. The reverse is that that you do have a tight opening but then the cuff rubs the back of your knees when you pedal. Of course, you could fold it or hike it up but then you have creases and such.

For you, you’d have to find shorts with maybe an 8" inseam and not the 9-10" inseam which is the norm nowadays. The cheapest I’ve found is the short inseam blackbibs plus shorts for $65.

Keep in mind, these are entry level shorts, hence, the price but they do the job and are pretty durable. I used mine for well over a year before I started looking for other short inseam shorts but of better quality.

Rapha and Castelli also had short inseam options before but I don’t see any now on their website. Right now I use the Laguna Seca Short length bib shorts from Eliel Cycling. More of a premium brand but much better material quality and craftsmanship compared to the blackbibs plus.

Wish I had a normal butt.

Same height and I’ve worn medium and large.

You could try rolling up the leg?

I believe some of Rapha’s bibs come in a ‘short’ length

This is exactly the feedback I was looking for… thanks! Do you also wear medium in the Eliel Short Inseam Bib Shorts? Will order now :slight_smile:

Yes. I have a 32" waist with a 30" pant inseam for further reference and the short length Laguna Seca bibshorts sit 1.5"-2" above the knee for me which is just right. Also I did buy one of their regular lenth cargo bibshorts to try out for length and, yes, those come down to just right above the knee for me. The good thing is their cuff elastic band is snug enough so it wraps around nicely, but like I said before it kinda rubs the back of the knee joint annoyingly unless you hike it up a bit to adjust it.

I’ve had luck with some Castelli models, Louis Garneau, and Ale. The only Sportful I have is too long and way too tight leg opening to roll up. I’m 5’7" and 148 lbs and find that 9" inseam is ok and 8" is perfect.