Best workouts to Stick a Breakaway

Hi all, looking at putting together a workout plan with a couple rides that I can do on the trainer that will help me be able to stick a breakaway or at least be able to start one.

BW = 165lbs/75kg
FTP = 315
Grade = Cat 2-3/B grade

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2 min at 120-125% right into 8 min at 92%. It sure what it would be called for a prebuilt workout here.

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You’ll need to be going more than 88% to make a breakaway stick. Maybe:


Maybe even something like Needham. Pretty heavy. No rest at all. Feels like a race… feels like a solo break. Unrelenting.

Augusta is similar to the ones mentioned above.


For other hard start VO2 intervals also see… Xalibu, Richardson, Megantic, McDuffie.
Agree that subthreshold won’t usually cut it for establishing a gap unless you are comfortably stronger than everyone you’re racing. Usually need to be well over threshold for a couple of minutes minimum.
Bradley replicates certain breakaway situations well too.

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I’d consider over unders, this more closely replicates the work in a break away group. But you do have to get in the break initially, which usually involves some sort of suprathreshold type effort to get things started.