Best way to utilize Train Now?

I’m finishing up the specialty phase of LV Gran Fondo training plan. I’m looking to use Train Now for the first time through the rest of the summer to give more flexibility for outdoor riding.

I don’t race but am looking to continue to improve my overall power as well as climbing ability as we live in an area where you can’t ride anywhere without going up a hill.

Looking to do 2 Train Now workouts/week, then fill in with outdoor riding and Z2. One will be VO2 for sure. When I look at the climbing options they seem to sometimes be Threshold and sometimes SS. Should I just go with whatever is recommended, or should I focus on Threshold? My concern is that PL degradation will start to happen if I skip a week of Threshold, so should I keep spinning the Train Now wheel until a Threshold workout comes up?

FYI, my outdoor rides are usually 1x/week, 1.5 - 4 hours, always with some climbing and pushing fairly hard to ride with my husband. I don’t match my outdoor rides to and TR workouts.

Thanks for any advice.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your PLs and instead go with whichever option works best for you on that day. If you’re feeling a little fatigued or you’re going to do a long outdoor ride the next day, stick with the Sweet Spot option. If you’re fresher and have more time for recovery, smash a Threshold workout.

If you find your PLs decay and you’re confident that you haven’t lost any fitness, you can always choose a workout from your previous PL that looks fun and get it right back up where it was.

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