Best way to boost my 20min power

Hi everyone, I’m 1.86m for 82.5kg train with structured for 3years cycling for 6. I’ve decided to start my training for 2020 on november 2019. I’m presentely On a back to back SSMV2 plan. At start i test at 357W with a 20min test on my neo2, after the first SSMV2 i test at 369w. I expected to test a 375W after the second plan. My question is what’s The best possible way to continue upgrade my 20min power (it’s the metric that drive me the most)? Do a Third SSMV2 or go for build with a sustained power plan or a short power build plan. The objective for my season is mainly short TT with the National TT for a 40k. I want to heard from riders i’ve all ready Check the plan builder. Thanks

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I’d go for sustained power build.

Although it often does, base period isn’t where the FTP increases are designed to happen, that’s what build is for.


To boost power, you need to go over. Then work on endurance in that area, once achieved. The ramp test is good for this, as you go over, and it’s less about holding it for 20 minutes.

Another option is to gradually increase sweet spot workouts to go above FTP (still threshold zone at a few percent above FTP).

Either way, this is achieved in Build stages. I would alternate SSMV2 and Build, to go over FTP and bump up power, and then spend time in that increased power zone to build endurance and spend time at FTP and lower, then push over again with another Build. Finish off with TT specialty before your event.

The Plan Builder should do this for you, with enough time, it should alternate multiple build stages.


Vo2max will help you push out the FTP ceiling so dont forget to incorporate that. A nice 3 week block could do you wonders, even if just 6 sessions over that time period.


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So i can switch one sweetspot or threshold training to put a second vo2 session… i’ll give it a try. Great to have advice from a successful rider :+1:t2:

I’d take the SS out and see how you do with that; if you have enough miles in the legs, you can handle vo2max and threshold in the same week. just keep rest of the work week endurance or less and weekend rides to endurance or 1 race. If you have 2 races on those weekends it can be a lot.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!