VO2 max vs FTP. Plan advise

New to TrainerRoad just getting through my first plan. Just did sweetspot base 2. I’ve been looking at my power numbers and there is a big difference between my VO2 max power and my FTP. My 5 min power is about 360 (8.30 min power was 352 on my last outside ride). My FTP is set around 275. I can finish most workouts with this setting. I definitely have no problem with the VO2 workouts, but struggle more with the 10 min overunders.

Since I feel like my FTP is lower in proportion to my VO2, what’s the best next plan to improve this. Thanks for the advise!

You answered your own question.

Do SSB. Do your overunders and threshold workouts.

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So just repeat sweet spot base again?

Or Sustained build / general build. They will work on your threshold efforts too


The Sweet Spot Base 1 and 2 plans (especially 1) really work on your muscular endurance - which it sounds like you are struggling with. It is pretty common (I am the same - much prefer working hard at VO2 max for shorter periods) and just something to work on. You could repeat SSB1 and 2 since they will include a ramp test at the start to set your FTP correctly - or if you want a change go into General Build or Sustained Build. Take a look at the plan and see what interests you.

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Hey @Coopermorgan111 just curious…what was your FTP/VO2max prior to SSB2?

Your current FTP is 77% of VO2max and suggests there is a lot of room to go up is why I ask.

Ftp was probably high 250- low260 ish and VO2 was 330-340.

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I didn’t want to start yet another thread so I’m using this new thread to get your attention.

I’ve noticed that with every new batch of TR users (Fall/Winter), the same thread topics get created: Over-Unders, VO2max, etc. Is it possible to create a sticky ‘New Users & Common Issues’ topic which contains…well, common training issues for new users?

Don’t get me wrong, I love chit chatting about this crap all day long but it makes for a bloated, messy, and possibly confusing forum. Maybe I should post this in ‘Feature Requests’? Give it some thought. Thanks.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program:

If you simply want to raise your FTP then threshold work (SusPowBuld), or a lot of SS. If you want to get better at over-unders then do a lot more over-unders…which will also raise your FTP. Basically everything @jacemano has prescribed. :+1:


Please clarify, @Coopermorgan111. Did you just do SSB 2? The plans are intended to be done in sequence starting with SSB1 then going to SSB2 then build then specialty. As already mentioned SSB1 contains an appreciable amount of muscular endurance work which sounds like what you would likely benefit from.

For sure, I am all for making a pinned post that has links to common topics. We’ve mentioned it once or twice, but not done it yet.

Over a year in on the forum now, and it’s probably time to put the idea into practice.

As long as @Bryce, mods and the rest of the TR crew are good with it, I can start an FAQ (or other name) post and pin it.


Just to say I killed my vo2max workout this week (Bluebell) and then got killed by carpathian peak +2.

You aren’t alone in this. Sustained efforts are what ruins me. Vo2max though I live for.

And for this reason I’m going to do sustained build even though I’m planning to crit race this season. Sprints come easy to me. Endurance does not

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start ripping threshold and eventually increase the duration of these workouts, and hit some threshold bursts which will actually then make threshold easier.

but i’d still get some vo2max in there so you continue to push out that ceiling to indirectly allow FTP improvements.

No one recommended Climbing Road Race plan…how come?

I get what the donut is complaining about. However, when someone new asks a question already discussed it can facilitate a whole new angle on the topic and give insight to a whole new group of people. Pinning is fine but, this is a forum for the new and the veteran. Veterans are good at mentoring/injecting reality here and there but, sometimes those new to the sport can get valuable information and insight from those at the same level.

Sure. And the pin would not be a replacement to active discussion. Just a handy reference and possible starting point for super common stuff.

We are aiming to make answering common questions easier while still having the related threads open for expanded discussion.

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Bluebell is still relatively easy with its 60-sec intervals. When you get into 2-3 mins intervals, things get more interesting.

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I’m all for it :raised_hands:.

And of course, this is not a replacement for live discussions, but it would be a really good resource fo those that have common questions that have been answered before in detail :slight_smile: .

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OK, blank thread is created and pinned in the “Training” category.

I will start adding info to the post as we move forward. Bryce and any other mods are free to do the same.

I locked it for now, but that may not be what we want to do in the long run

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