Best vo2 max workout to begin with for a 53 year old

I’ve been through Low Volume SSB1 back to back and want to add in just one vo2 max session to my training plan each week for the next 6 weeks before a cycling holiday to Gran Canaria.

I run 3 times per week so am planning on doing one vo2 session, one 1hr SS session and either one 1.5hr SS or one endurance session of around 2hrs each week.

I’m 53 and recovery takes a bit longer than it used to :wink:

I’m wondering which vo2 session to add to week 1 and which to do each of the other weeks as a progressive increase in tss.


“Easiest VO2max”…um…oxymoron?

They are all going to be nasty of some variety. Maybe search the workout library for the 110% FTP sessions.

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Maybe I should have said “Best” vo2 max session to begin with for a 53 year old.

I like Black Giant -5.


Shortoff -1 looks promising for you.

6x 2min @120%/3min recovery

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I world regard Mills as an “easy” VO2max workout. The intervals are 45s@120%, followed by a 1:15m drop to 110%. I always enjoy this one, even if I’m a bit tired. It is very manageable


Those intermittent intervals are fairly effective and comparably easy on the mind. 30-60sec on/off for ten to 15 min at around CP6 effort level. There are a few on TR, however, I find the RI effort too low. Too much recovery.

Furthermore, especially when preparing for racing, you want to train your pain tolerance. Raise the mental pain Threshold. That’s why the typical 4min intervals are so important. But I guess racing is not a goal here, hence start with intermittent

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Excellent. Thanks to you all :+1:


In my opinion it’s psychologically the easiest Vo2 workout. You step up the intervals, then step down…you don’t just have walls of 120% coming at you.

If you can’t complete it, it’s a good marker to build up to before moving on to the more gruesome stuff. There are a lot of Huffaker fans on this board. It’s a really good Vo2 baseline workout.


Probably gonna start a bike geek band called VO2theMax…‘Walls of 120’ will be our hit single. :metal:

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We should at least start a playlist called “Walls of 120” :wink:

Song number 1: The Phoenix, by Fall Out Boy.

Start that song exactly 30 seconds before the start of any 3 min / 120% interval and embrace the anger before the burn arrives. Because it will arrive . . . :wink:

I like it! :+1:

Get a thread going!

Your desired training plan sounds like a match for SSB Low Volume II. Why repeat block I instead of progressing from I to II where VO2 Max is added into the plan?

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