Best training outside to increase Ftp

I got a power meter and was wondering what is the best training to do outside to increase my ftp like the best intervals to do etc

  1. If you have roads that work for it, use the TR Outdoor workouts.

  2. Do group rides with faster riders

  3. Climb a lot

  4. Add more volume to your existing schedule with Z2 endurance rides


It’s the same as indoor. Use planbuilder, do the workouts outside. Just got to workout how to use the roads in your area to suit the workout.


Turn your Sunday ride to a long z2. Keep increasing these Sunday rides by 30 mins out to 4-6 hours.


Volume , volume, volume and sprinkle some intensity on top such as hills here and there.

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Over Unders and riding at 100-105% ftp.
then vo2max work.

Go crush!