Best no subscription tracker

I dont know if this exists, but is the a fitness tracker that doesnt require a subscription, that will record and push to apple health and training peaks?
I really just want resting HR, If i can also get HRV, that would be a bonus. Similar to a whoop, but i dont care about their software and definitely dont want to pay the high monthly fee, Just give me he two metrics without me having to manually do it and im good.

Any ideas?


Don’t know if it pushes to TrainingPeaks, but certain Garmin devices provide that information and don’t require a subscription.

My Garmin pushes data to currently. Not HRV at the moment due to functionality, but I believe it might soon.

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Oura ring does it. No monthly fee but also not exactly cheap

The ring is $5.99/month. Garmin doesn’t have a subscription yet but just started doing nighttime hrv so don’t know if the api will add it

Hrv4training app


Looks like for gen 3 oura you need a subscription to export data.

I have that app. Im looking for something to take a reading automatically. I have a whoop, and like the ease of use, just dont want to renew as i think it costs too much.

Apple Watch does RHR and HRV. For better HRV according to HRV4Training you wake up and use Mindfulness app to do one minute of breathing.


And you can use HRV4Training app, or you can use the “Training Today” app, which gets HRV from the mindfulness app as well, and displays your relative HRV score (on a 10-point scale compared to the last 30 or 60 days) as a complication on the Apple Watch.

Wouldn’t an Apple Watch SE do that out of the box? If you want fancier metrics, you could always get another app.

Coros Pace

Does it only do RHR when you tell it to via the app? Or does it read HR through the night automatically?

Automatically reads HR and HRV.

Any other suggestions? For me i think heartrate in the morning, steps, stress and sleep is what i want to know more about.

I dont want the stress of getting notifications that someone wrote me or anything i dont need that.

Fitbit tracks this stuff with no subscription but you might need a third party app to get your data into TP and the Apple ecosystem.

The HealthFit app will sync tracking services across platforms. I recall it being a one time purchase. I’ve found it very useful and easy to set up.