Wearable body trackers

I’m thinking about a wearable watch tracker gizmo but there are way more than I expected!

I’m looking for something that I would wear 24/7 for things like resting HR and hrv. Plus woul like to be able to track workouts, and hiking over the Moors.

Be nice if it could shout at me when I get a call/message as well.

Hit me up with suggestions/personal experience!

I’ve no experience of them myself but there’s tons of threads on Whoop, that might be what you are after.

Search results for ‘Whoop’ - TrainerRoad

WHOOP | Your Personal Digital Fitness and Health Coach

I don’t think they can track the actual times/GPS for workouts. Shame cos they look pretty svelte and stylish.

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Apple watch, so long as it can run OS6 or >, it is supposed to track HRV.
They are pretty good at HR, calls and messages, and much lower volume than many sports-specific watches. Mine needs daily charging though, and runs out of juice if used to track a long activity.
my partner has a Garmin Fenix 6, and it does all of health stuff brilliantly. I’m impressed, and will get myself one when my apple watch expires. It also does all of the watch and call/message stuff well, and has excellent battery life.

For reference, the two leading ones in the forum:

And to state the obvious, checking over at https://www.dcrainmaker.com/ to see the greatest detail and reviews is a start, that can then be followed with searches here on any specific devices not already covered above.

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I came down to a Garmin or waiting for the series 8 Apple Watch. I went with the Garmin 955. Could not be more pleased. It gets notifications of texts and calls. However, its not as tied into the Apple ecosystem. I like being able to do my indoor trainer workouts (and outdoor walks, runs, hikes) on my watch.

How on earth did I forget about DC Rainmaker‽ Tvm

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Whoop and Oura have no screen or gps, they just track hr and HRV.

Apple watch and Garmin have a screen for notifications, do HR and the 955/Fenix 7 series do HRV and a bunch of other metrics off it. Fenix 6 will get HRV but missing out on other metrics