Best mid/high end trainer for TrainerRoad (ERG mode)

Hi all,

I’m planning to buy a trainer to be used exclusively with TrainerRoad. So ERG mode responsiveness and ability to hold power setpoint closely are important. Additionally, trainer shouldn’t be hideously loud (but no need to be super-silent either). Aiming for a 800-1000€ trainer budget. Things like ability to simulate road surfaces (like with the Neo) etc. are not important to me. Currently considering Kickr Core and Saris H3, but other recommendations also more than welcome.

Thanks in advance!

I just picked up a Hammer for a good price and the H2 are also available at a reduced price now that the H3 is out. I had a Cycleops Magnus and for me the change to the Hammer has been night and day. The Hammer is so much more quieter and smoother. I can’t speak about the other trainers, but thumbs up for the Hammer. I believe GPLama or DCRainmaker posted that he really likes the ERG mode on the Hammer.

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With that budget I’d go Hammer H2 or H3. I wouldn’t take a chance on a Kickr or Kickr Core right now. People are still having issues with these out of the box, and the Hammer is a solid trainer. I think both Chad and Nate are both primarily using the Hammer these days, and Saris products have been stalwarts for me in the past. I’m on a Kickr Core which I had a warranty recall on… it’s been good ever since. If I had to do it over again, I’d have a Hammer H2.


I just ordered an h3 at $850 with free shipping in the states. I’m a little weary it may be too good to be true but according to ups I have a 47# box coming tomorrow. I’ll share the info if it’s legit.


I have the hammer and wont use a different brand such a great trainer. I was looking that H3s the other day cant go wrong with that one!

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I’m from Belgium - so don’t think this deal will be for me. :slight_smile: I found one for 999€ - most sites don’t have CycleOps/Saris over here (most common brands are Wahoo and Tacx)

I’m really leaning towards finally jumping in on the direct drive trainer train (I’m still rocking my 7-year old KK Road Machine) and the H3 is at the top of my list right now as well. It’s $1329 in Canada vs. $1199 for the Kickr Core ($1899 for the Neo 2, although some places look like they might be clearing out the old Neo 2’s for $1649 right now), but the horror stories of the recent Kickr trainers has definitely made me want to shy away from them. Might try to hold out until closer to Black Friday for any extra deals and savings to be had.


You may be able to find a Neo 1 for a good deal.

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If I was buying a new trainer right now, I’d go either H3 or Neo 2T. The H3 is a little better value since can be had for about 10% off retail.

That being said, the Hammer or H2 are both very good options at good prices. The Neo and Neo 2 can be found at discounted prices as well and are great trainers. However if you have a thru-axle, you may want to steer clear of the Neo unless you want to pay separately for the thru-axle adapter.

As others have mentioned, I would steer clear of the current gen Kickr. Far too many problems reported.


Yeah, I find for ERG mode specifically, the H3 (and to a similiar degree the H1/H2) are really one of the best options out there. Obviously the H3 is quieter than the H1/H2, but from an ERG standpoint they’re all in the same boat.


Find a used Kickr Gen 1-2 and use a crank based PM with it. Most people fire sale the old Kickr’s for cheap, then invest in a decent PM (crank/pedal). PowerMatch on TR and Zwift is excellent now.

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Have a look at the Elite Suito. Unless you are getting a deal on last year’s model, this seems to be the trainer to beat in the budget department. And it even comes with a cassette. You may also find some deals on the Direto.

Thanks for the help! Just ordered a Saris H3! Looking forward to start with Trainerroad when it arrives.


Would not recommend Suito at this point, please see my experience so far on this link

Gratz. Should be a great trainer. Make sure you post some thoughts after you get it up and running.