Help me choose? Cycleops H2 or M2 (+ extras)

Folks, got a real first word problem on my hands. My team is offering some excellent discounts on both the H2 and M2 trainers. I’m going to bite on one, but given I’m coming from the ignorance of training only with dumb trainers, I don’t know if splurging is worth it.

Quick background: started structured training 3 years ago with a Cycleops magneto. “Upgraded” to a used KK Road Machine a year ago. Do about 90% of my training indoors. Now a Cat 3, thanks to these old, outdated rigs, and not begging for change to be honest since I’ve never had the experience of erg mode. I have a power meter on my race bike, but I train with virtual power on my spare bike just for consistency. I have “dialed” it close on the KK RM to mynpower meter for what it’s worth.

Ok, so… decision time:

Do I spring for the H2 and waltz into the top end of smart training?

Or do I ease on with the M2, which is likely a considerable upgrade given where I’m coming from? Benefit here is I will probably grab some additional gear (likely some spare carbon wheels - budget, yes, but not my primary).

I have had many trainers: Road Machine, Hammer, H2, Magnus, Kickr 17 to name the most recent.

The direct drive is super nice and worth the upgrade alone. I also love the additional flywheel weight on them as well.

Hard to choose from your list, but since you spend so much time on the trainer, it might be a good place to spend the extra cash?

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H2 100%

I have a Hammer and love it! I woudn’t go back to a tire on trainer.


Thanks, guys. Appreciate the input. You’re right, I should consider this from the amount of time I spend on there and how that investment would pay dividends quickly, I’m sure.


Is the H2 your primary trainer? I know Nate likes it…what are your thoughts on noise levels? I have read several problems with Tacx and Wahoo, is H2 the way to go?

I had an original Hammer for nearly 2 years. Rock solid once they fixed the firmware issues.

I moved from that to a Kickr17, which is also great. The noise on it is louder than the Hammer, and the flywheel is noticeable in being lighter.

I picked up the H2 several months ago. Power is even more reliable than the H1 (in matching my P1 pedals). Getting back on the H2 was awesome and I like the feel better than the Kickr17.

My Neo 2 just arrived today, and I will use it this weekend for another comparison.

Overall, I’d say the Hammer and H2 are every bit as good as my K17. It just plain works and feels awesome.


Very happy with my H2 so far. Very solid and feels better than my OG Kickr.


I have a Hammer and really like it. Had a wheel-on trainer and there’s no comparison between the two. Calibration is much simpler with the Hammer as opposed to wheel-on trainers in my opinion. The feel of the flywheel on the Hammer is also a plus.

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[Lackluster] Update:
Thanks to the input here, which mirrored every other person/source asked, I sprang for the H2. Unfortunately it was not in stock with my team’s shop though, so I’m still waiting on delivery! Dying to get my hands on this thing.


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A question for those with experience with the H2 and also 2018 Kickr (Core) and/or Neo. How does the noise compare? I have a a kickr core which is already 1x replaced and the new one probably has to go back as well.

So an H2 sounds like it could be a good option, but how does the H2 compare as far as noise levels to the 2018 Kickr (Core) or Neo?

Also curious about customer service (firmware, hardware issues, etc.)?

Edit: Ok I found a comparison video and the H2 sounds like the old Kickr with the siren like sound? Seems much louder than the new Kickr system

Yes, the H2 uses a similar drive to the Kicker 17 and older models (I have both). The H2 is still a bit more quiet than Kickr17 since it is more enclosed. But the H2 will undoubtedly be more loud that the Kickr18 or Core.

I just got a Neo2 and will be setting it up on Friday, for testing this weekend. I expect it to be much more quiet.

As to H2 firmware and customer service, they are both very good. They seem to work with people similar to other companies when issues arise. The firmware updates have been non-existent since they solved some key issues early on the Hammer release.

The H2 is possibly my favorite trainer.


I’m here for the H2 love-fest. I have a 1st-gen Hammer and love it, no issues, like that it comes with “all axle standards”. I see my friends with Wahoo problems, one friend is on his 4th.


H2 without a doubt. Using the Hammer and absolutely love it.

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I bought an H2 in December. I really like it, but as it’s my first trainer at home I don’t really have anything to compare to, other than the computrainers I ride in a cycling class twice a week.

For my situation, I personally wish I had bought a wheel-on trainer (i.e. the M2), as I find it to be a pain to take the rear wheel off every week when going from riding in the cycling class to riding at home. I know it only takes me a minute or two to do, but it still annoys me every time. I don’t think I’m sufficiently advanced enough of a cyclist to feel or really care about the benefits of a direct driver trainer.

You are not changing the wheel? It means you are wearing out you outside tire at a high rate.

Is the H2 quieter than the H1? Same? I primarily ride in the small ring so I would imagine that helps keep the noise down as well. Do all small trainers have a pedal stroke analysis? I see the Neo2 does. Looking forward to what you have to say about the Neo2!

H1 and H2 are the same for sound. And yes, small ring keeps the whine down nicely.

The only trainers I think that have pedal analysis are the Neo and Elite Drivo (maybe Direto). H2 and Kickr definitely do not have it.

Did you post anything on the Neo2 in a different spot than here?

Not much, if anything. I have only been on the Neo 2 for a small number of workouts (probably less than 4). So I don’t have enough time on it to make more than superficial comparisons.

I may swap to it this weekend if I get time for some testing.

Let us know about how the neo 2 and the H2 compare. I am looking for my next trainer and am debating between these two. I can either wait to save a bit more to go with the Neo or get the H2. I am a bit concerned about the noise level of the H2.

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