Trainer H3 question

Hi. I’m currently running a Neo 2T as my primary trainer. Up to now I’ve been using outdoor RPE based rides on weekends. It’s a challenge in winter on a fat bike.
I have an opportunity to buy a Saris H3 at a good price. What do ppl think of it compared to the 2T I’d you’ve used both?
If I do get this I will put a Lemond Ti on it which has a 9speed cassette set up. How much PIA factor would it be to use a 10s cassette on the trainer. I almost always am in erg mode


I have an H3. Swapping cassettes is super simple, so that isn’t really an issue. If you’re in Erg you probably don’t even need to do that.
Can’t speak to the side by side comparison, sorry.

I have both, don’t know what you’re looking for. I use the 2T and put my son on the H3, and got rid of my KICKRs. There are differences, but not what I would call major. There are enough annoyances that could swing one way or another.

Biggest benefit, no calibration and very close to my power meters. Biggest downside, flywheel or lack of. Whirring noise vs belt squeak. Bigger wings which kind of get in the way getting around for maintenance on trainer (chain maintenance) vs smaller legs. Bigger footprint vs smaller. The bigger wings is also annoying to vacuum up the wax flakes if you wax chains.

H3 squeaks the belt when applying high torque though that’s supposedly addressed with some pulley change. Bigger real flywheel feels better when peddlin, especially in the big ring. Acccuracy is not as good as the 2T, and requires calibration (we use power meters and gave up on this trainer accuracy stuff).


Thanks for this. That was helpful. I had heard that the H3 was more accurate in terms of hitting targets quickly without overshoot say when sprinting.

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Personally I’d stick with the Neo.

My experience with the H3 wasn’t great. It had consistent squeaking from the trainer, support was unresponsive to say the least and eventually was sent the replacement pulleys which didn’t solve the problem and it got worse to the point it was unusable. In the end I got fed up dealing with support and just gave up on it.

Bought a Neo 2T and aside from consistently reading 10W or so lower than my other PM’s it’s been great so far. IMO it matches or betters the H3 across the board and in your position I’d be sticking with what you’ve got.

Thanks. This is very helpful

Yeah, I don’t have an H3, but I have the original
Hammer and the MP1 rocker plate. The products themselves are pretty good, but if you need support, or just want a question answered Saris is terrible compared to Wahoo or Garmin.

I’ve found they often just don’t respond, and if they do, the staff isn’t very knowledgeable or helpful.