Which direct drive smart trainer to get?

I will be basically using it exclusively for TrainerRoad ERG mode workouts. Here are my priorities (in order):

  • Cost. Probably the biggest one, looking to keep it under $1k for sure. Ideally something around the $700 range, preferably cheaper. As a student I don’t have the money for the top of the line newest stuff. I want a warranty on it for sure, so buying used is out of the picture.

  • Accuracy. ±2% probably, ideally better. I want measurements I can trust as much as a power meter. I have a quarq on my bike right now.

  • How well it works in ERG. Want to do those microburst workouts effectively for example.

  • Noise. I live in an apartment, and do my workouts at night. Want something quiet for sure.

I am fine getting a refurbished trainer, or an older model. I have 10 speed, so trainers with a cassette are going to be useless for me (since they typically include 11 speed). Any recommendations? I was looking at some of the older models like the original drivo on amazon.

I’d say look at the flux s or the flux 2

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Did the flux 2 fix the issue on DCR?

Or get the cycleops h2 since they’re on clearance now that the h3 is coming.

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I second the former cyclops now Saris Hammer trainers.

I dont use erg mode so for me it wssnt a problem.
I think it’s still a problem. But the S is ok

No, the Flux 2 is still NOT recommended by Ray.


3rd support for H2 trainer at that price. Nothing in the regular “mid-level” price point can touch it for capability or reliability. I have see too many limits and issues with the Tacx and Elite mid’s to recommend any of them.

Original Hammer or H2 will be solid for you


Another good buy worth looking at is the kickr core. Bit older tech but still a great turbo

The S is fine, but has a high power floor, which means you need to shift more than on another trainer. Apart from that it’s quiet and reliable (at least for me so far).

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What are the thoughts on the original drivo (±1%)?

Accuracy doesn’t really matter if you’re using your bike that has a power meter. You will be using power match with your bike power meter wouldn’t you?

H2’s a bargain right now here in UK. And probably the same everywhere.

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I don’t plan on it. I didn’t like using it when I tried it out on a friend’s trainer. Plus I might throw on my commuter bike without a power meter on there.

What didn’t you like about power match? It’s all I’ve ever used for 5 years and it’s been fine for me

The Flux quiet? Maybe for someone hearing impaired. Mine sounds like a rocket starting up for the first 10 mins.

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What issue did you have? Using power match means you are comparing the same power outdoors and indoors. If you use different power sources outside and inside the number wont mean the same thing between the two devices.

I have tracked it a few times and my trainer and my meter don’t match they are close at times but not the same. I have seen a variance of 20-30 watts at certain power outputs.

It just wasn’t very smooth riding wise and sometimes the resistance ran away. I’m definitely going to test.

I ordered an Elite Direto 2 for $680