Best Day to Add Lifting to High Volume SS Base II

I want to lift one day a week for maintenance during this plan and am curious when is best to fit that in. I’ve heard that keeping the easy days easy is best so that rules out Monday (only rest day of the week) and Wed/Fri (easier endurance rides). Tue/Thu are 1.5 hour sweet spot and both weekend days are 2 hour sweet spot rides. Sunday night seems like a good place to lift since Monday is off but those weekend rides are tough. So, basically either Tue or Thu night then? Anyone know what is best? Lifting for me is very basic…squats, deadlifts, box jumps, pull-ups, and some core work.

I think it is best to change one of the sweetspot workout with gym session. Even low volume + Endurance rides can cook me, so I cant imagine high volume

I should have also mentioned that I’m in week 3 of this plan already, so this isn’t me planning ahead for something I haven’t tried yet. The high volume seems fine so far, but my last six weeks before that was mid volume SS Base I and because that one had two days off and less hours on the bike, it was no problem to fit in the gym. I just prioritize the bike so I wanted to jump up in volume, but don’t want the lifting to be completely ignored.

Tuesday or Thursday, whichever works best with your schedule. Ideally, weight training would be at least 4 hours after your cycling session. However, if it’s simply maintaining then you could probably do it immediately following your cycling, maybe as you consume your recovery drink.

I was doing my weight training Tuesdays and Thursdays during SSBHV2.

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