High Volume Base - when to weight train?

hi all !
I am on back TR after a few years of doing my own ‘structure’ and just off an IM block where I felt good, but plateaued at around 290 - 295w FTP at 70kg. I’m really enjoying SSBHV1 and 2, seeing some solid FTP and PL gains, hitting PRs, and feeling stronger overall. Seems the TR platform has progressed a lot.

I would love to add some weight training to the schedule, but per TR’s advice, I should not add any more TSS to the HV plan. Per my self-analysis, I think I could handle 1-2 easier weight sessions a week, but that could easily tip me over the edge into too much fatigue.

I had thought of doing 20-30 minutes weights (squats, Bulgarian split squat, Single leg dead lifts) after the pre-rest day SS session - or perhaps just hold off on weights until build phase, in case I do mid or low volume.

any thoughts on how to squeeze weights into HV plans?

Base is probably the best time to do weights. You should be thinking about reducing the lifting during build, not introducing it then.

Adding it to the evening of your two hardest days (assuming you ride in the morning) is probably the best option. I suspect that knocking your Endurance ride back to Recovery (or nothing) and/or your easiest Sweetspot ride back to Endurance may be advisable if you find it necessary.


Leg day should be on your hardest day that way you have the most time to recover. You should do weight training first and then preferably minimally 6 hours later your cycling session

Personally, I wouldn’t do any hard weightlifting during TR’s hv sweetspot plan. One (moderate) maintenance day would be all.

I’d recommend starting your training season with a 4-6 week transition period where you will build your strength (2-3 hard strength sessions per week) and doing only easy/moderate z2 workouts. Shift your focus to building solid strength base that you will then maintain during the rest of the training season. Increase aerobic training volume gradually during this transition period so you will be ready to hit the sweetspot base from the get go.

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Whatever you decide, it may be good to be aware of what your goals are with strength training. That may help some choices.

Why do you think so? Classically one would advise to do the more important workout first.

46yo on HV base for the 3rd year and do this exactly.

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Because you need to be able to lift as much as you can for your lifting to be effective. If you go in tired it just isn’t as effective.

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build up to where you can lift heavy 1-2x a week, preferably on harder days…make the hard days the hardest. Dialing sweet spot down to endurance might do just the trick to reduce that TSS, and more endurance would be better for base season anyways if you’re on high volume IMO.

Good luck!

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