Best Connectivity Option and Why?

I use TR with my WattBike Atom. In my household I have access to the following which I could use for running my TR software. Which would be the best selection, and why?

iPad with iOS TR APP on bluetooth or with ANT+ dongle
Android Tablet - connecting either via BT or ANT+
Windows PC with either BLED or ANT+ (or apparently also native BT now, although I haven’t used that)



TR consistently recommends Bluetooth connections as the best option.

Device choice is more up to convenience or preference with your setup.

I think bt works fine but for me I use ant as it handles much more connections at the same time.

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I’ve used the native BT a couple of times now. It seems to hold a better connection than ANT+.
No Spanish Needle yet.

You need to be aware that your other sensors might not work with BT and you’ll still need the ANT+ dongle.
You can run ANT+ and native BT at the same time on the Win 10 app.

I used my Windows laptop, its a real pain waiting for it to boot up a times and then the dreaded updates.
I replaced my HRM strap recently and the new one is ANT+ and BT so I can use my ipad too.

From a convenience point of view, the ipad is zero setup, but on the laptop you can minimise the TR app and watch something else, cycling videos, movies etc

I use extension lead for the ANT+ dongle that I use for the laptop so it sits right beneath my bottom bracket

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I have a laptop, and iPad and an iPhone. For me the iPhone mounted on my bars is the most convenient as its easy to get to mid workout for intensity adjustments and its less hassle than dealing with the laptop logistics. And I need the phone handy for my music anyway. So it gets the nod for TR.

So, for me ease of use trumps connection method.