Wattbike atom and TR app at same time?

Hey there. I have a wattbike atom and would like to see the peanut data… power curve rotational thingy that they have in app. But I cannot work out how to get that data whilst working in the TR app. Is there a rebroadcast feature to make both apps work?

Could you describe your setup a little bit more?

Are you using trying to run both apps (Wattbike and TR) on the same device or different devices? What device in particular?

Are you currently pairing via Bluetooth or ANT+?

We do not have a re-broadcast system, but depending on your setup and availiable devices, you may be able to pair to both apps simultaneously.

If you can clarify those questions, I can give you a better idea on how to proceed :slight_smile:

Bryce hey

Ok. Well there’s food for thought already.

All I think I am trying to do is run the TR app on my iPhone X on BT paired to the atom.

I realise that I have assumed that I can only run one app paired to the atom at a time, and so haven’t actually tried to run both apps, with wattbike hub in the background to see if it works. Will it? On BT

I have frankly no idea how to connect via ant+.

I do have a laptop nearby… and did use to use that when I was using a tacx flux, but have no real clue as to how to even start pairing two devices.

Does that help you help me? Realise I don’t know anywhere near as much about this stuff as I thought :pensive:

Thanks for any advice


So the issue here lies with the Bluetooth protocol. the Bluetooth signal on your Trainer can only pair to one device at a time. Each application on your phone effectively acts as its own device, which means that can only pair to one or the other, never both.

ANT+ on the other hand is more like a radio signal. It can broadcast the signal, and many devices can “tune in” to that signal at the same time. ANT+ is a pain to set up on your iOS mobile device, however, it is very easy to set up on your laptop. All you need to get your laptop up and running via ANT+ is a compatible ANT+ dongle like this one.

Then, you just plug the ANT+ dongle into your computer, and it will allow you to connect to your trainer via the ANT+ connection. You will then be able to pair to one of the apps via ANT+ and the other app via Bluetooth.

When connecting, you will want to pair the app using Bluetooth first, and once that connection is established, pair the other application via ANT+.

If you want further guidance on this, our Support Team would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. You can reach us at support@trainerroad.com :slight_smile:

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Boom. Worked like a charm

Thanks Bryce :grinning:

Just about to ask this very same question so glad I did a search first.

So I’m wondering if there is a preference for trainer control between BTLE FTMS and ANT+ FE-C?

I only want one device to control the trainer but several to receive data.