Recommended dongle for Ant+ on an iPhone

I have a Garmin Ant+ USB stick that I use with my laptop (MacBook Air) for my TR workouts (my PM is only Ant+). I’d like to be able to also use my iPhone for TR workouts, especially when traveling, but I need a female-USB to lightning adapter. I am looking for recommendations.

Amazon is loaded with cheapo USB to Lightning adapters, but I find the knockoffs don’t last, so if go that route I’d love to know beforehand it works. I’m also curious about Apples connectors. Has anyone used Apple’s USB 3 to Lighting (has USB and Lightning in / Lightning out) or USB to Lighting (USB in / Lighting out) connectors?


Before doing that, almost all devices these days offer Bluetooth connectivity. I’ve been using that with my Wahoo sensors and 4iiii power meter without any issue.

If I was starting from scratch, that would be the route. But my PM is an older crank based SRM that’s only Ant+. It’s paid for and installed, so no upgrades to a BT model are on the horizon. Hence my appetite for a cable or connect that works with my Ant+ USB stick.

How about considering an ANT+ to BLE bridge, i.e., Viiiiva HRM or NPE Cable.

My bike PM (p2max) is ANT+ only. I use the Viiiiva w/out issues to connect to my Apple TV or iPhone for Zwift and/or TR.

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I’ll check that out. Thank you!