Running TR on an iPad?

I’m sure this question has been asked before, probably several times, but I can’t find it in the long list of topics in this part of the forum…

Can I use an iPad (not sure which vintage, has the lightening adapter) with my BT and Ant+ peripherals (Stages PM, Garmin HR strap, Garmin wheel sensor, Wahoo Kickr Snap) if I use an Ant+ dongle (already have it)? I’d need an adapter (lightening to USB (or to HDMI, then to USB)) I think…

Am I right? Or is it simply easier to just use a PC? Thanks in advance!!

This seems related: The Using ANT+ with iOS section in particular.

You can use your Stages and Snap directly over Bluetooth. Depending on which HR strap you have, you may need the ANT+ dongle—only the Garmin HRM-Dual supports both ANT+ and BT (to clarify: that’s the only HR strap from Garmin that supports both. I use the Wahoo Tickr with just BT and it’s fine). The wheel sensor will also need the ANT+ dongle, but that doesn’t really do anything in TR anyway.

For what it’s worth, I had nothing but issues with ANT+, so I think it’s easier to get a different HR strap with support for BT and skip the wheel sensor altogether.


You only need Bluetooth for your iPad.

If you need to run Ant+ for a peripheral that doesn’t have Bluetooth, you could buy this stuff:

Unless it’s your power meter that is Ant+ only, it’s cheaper to buy new Wahoo accessories than have Bluetooth an Ant+ on your iPad. Note that you can use Bluetooth AND Ant+ at the same time to run Trainer Road, and Zwift. You can use TR for training while you ride around in Zwift. (Some trainers do multiple BT connections to allow the same connections)



I run TR, Kickr and HR strap all from my iPad. My power meter as well, unless that just gets data from TR or Kickr, not sure :man_shrugging:.

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I’m running TR on my iPad Mini. I do connect via ANT+ (with a WAHOO dongle) as Bluetooth doesn’t seem reliable in my garage. I’m using a TACX Flux S.

To date, I’ve had no serious issues. A handful of dropouts during workouts but it’s a rare occurrence.

Just ordered a Tickr… Thanks!!

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Agreed! Tickr en route… Thnx