TR on the iPad (or iPhone) {or any iOS device}

So I got an iPad that I want to use for TR sessions.

I have a PM on my bike that’s transmit via ANT+ and Bluetooth.

I’m using a Minoura dumbtrainer.

Can I use a Lightning-to-USB dongle, attach it to my iPad, then put in the ANT+ USB stick, to do TR on the iPad?

If this works, I assume it works on iPhone as well?


I’d love to know…try it, and let us know :+1:

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Unless you have a very very old iPad, it should be able to work directly from Bluetooth. That’s what I do and it’s worked very well for years. No need for the ANT dongle - if you can even get that to work.


That’s exactly what I do. I use a WAHOO dongle, just in case there are other options on the market :+1:

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Cool, going to try the Bluetooth first then.

i use an iPad with bluetooth all the time works great. I loose my cadence sometimes when i pause. is the only issue i have.


I use tr on an iPhone 5s and occasionally an iPad 4. I have a wahoo speed/cadence sensor, polar hrm and quark dzero power meter and they all connect perfectly using the native Bluetooth. No need to worry about ant+ or dongles at all.

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From memory, I’m sure This has been covered before.

My understanding is that you cannot use a USB ANT+ device with iOS no matter how you connect it. The Only ANT + option for iOS is the wahoo ANT+ key via a lightning to 30 pin connector

Any particular reason you want to use ANT+ rather than Bluetooth? As others have indicated, the latter can be done directly, the former requires an adapter that may or may not work. Your power meter being BLE/ANT+ bilingual, the only reason I can see in your setup not to use BLE would be an HR sensor; it may be simpler to get a BLE/ANT+ HR sensor than to make ANT+ work on iOS.