Belgian Waffle - Who's doin the slog?

Who’s racing? Just finished welding up my whip for the race. I’m pretty stoked – and a little scared.

Holla yo!

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No one?

I looked at it. Hard pass this year. :rofl:

I’ll be there with four others from our team in Nashville.

I’m in. Did the two recon rides over the past two weeks. The dirt is looking sweet.

In, with about 4-5 other guys on my team. The real question, what are you riding?

I’ll be there, doin the full waffle. What’s everyone riding for tires? I’m planning on a pair of 31mm Vittoria Terreno Drys set up tubeless.

I’m still undecided on tires. Part of me just wants to run the WTB Riddler 37s I already have on because I’m lazy. I don’t think I’ll need that much extra cushion but shelling out another $100-$120 on tires makes me not so happy.


I’ll probably ride 30mm tires, but my concern is gearing. What is everything using? I have 52/36, 11-30 right now, but worried that I’m screwed.

FTP? and w/kg? What drivetrain are you running?

Guessing 3.8 but I’ve been sick (sinus infection) for about a month, etc, so could be between 3.5-4.0, about 185lbs. Not in my best form for sure. I’m good with punchy climbs, struggle with long, sustained climbs. Dura ace Di2 drivetrain. Really just going out for a long day with friends, this is not something I would even think about “racing.”

My brother in law is racing and running a 34 cassette with a 52 36. He is 380 watt ftp at 6000 feet. I’m sure you could complete it but my guess is you might have more fun with a 50 34. Maybe you could borrow chain rings from a friend?

I’m about same w/kg as you and no way would I want to be riding 36 30 combo for that race. I’d be wrecked anyway much less slogging a gear like that.

reading some of the interviews with “high power” people a bunch have said 50/34 x 11-32 or 11-34.

I’m opting for 11-32.

I’m about 3.6 w/kg and running a 50/34 with 11-34 and 28mm tires. It’s been perfect for the recon rides.
Could get by with a 32 but the 34 will come in handy for the latter part of the day when the suffer factor rises.

Been riding my whip unpainted for the past two weeks. Took it on some singletrack near here and I think it’ll do just great for the ride (I’m a little unsure about myself though) — The wheelbase is longer by virtue of slightly slacker heat tube angle and longer rear-center meaning that it’s quite stable (it’s actually designed more for DK). I took a queue from my MTB friends and opted for a shorter stem to bring back the steering quickness I’m used to on a road bike (also helps me pop over stuff I can’t just ride over).

Wheels: Astral Wanderlust rims (24/28 2x/3x) laced to Bitex TA hubs. Added spoke washers to help with the bracing angle and lateral stiffness. They’re quite nice.
Tires: WTB Exposure 32 TLR.
Drivetrain: Ultegra 8k. RX RD. 50/34 11-32 7K shifters
Cockpit: Shimano Pro Vibe. Spec Toupe 155.
Pedals: Shimano XT the big ones.
Brakes: Shimano 8k FM 160/160 rotor.

Bike gets stripped down this morning and painted tonight/tomorrow. I’m taking a queue from the late-90s Schwinn Homegrown but with some SoCal chill.

See ya’ll there1


A group of us are all riding CX bikes with file tread 32s.

How did it go for everyone? Great day to be out there!

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Targeted 9 hours and completed in 8:52. My teammates did it in 7:16 and around 8:15. No flats, no mechanicals - awesome ride - highly recommend it!


8:55, so i was just behind you. sick coming in, but ended up a good day- no flats, no mechanicals. ran panaracer gravelking slicks 32c tubeless- i think they might be the perfect tires for this race. weather and conditions were the best i’ve seen in a few years.


I had a few issues:

  1. A new form of knee pain about 100 miles in. Not medial, not lateral, not anterior, not posterior . . . deep in the center of the knee joint. The last 25 miles were just an exercise in stubbornness. If i kept the power under 150w I was “ok.”

  2. I can stand 2 bottles of Maurten 320 but things go south if I do more.

  3. I needed to do more 6+ hour rides just to get a better feel for things.

Well, at least I finished. I think there’s plenty that didn’t.