Belgian Waffle - Who's doin the slog?

I ran the G-one 30 tire…on Enve G23 gravel wheels. 40 psi in each. I probably thought I had a flat 20 times, however never had a problem. 7:41, hard ride, but not close to Leadville hard. lol


I ended up 29th in 7:05. Had two minor spills on the first dirt section due to my inexperience on dirt, especially with other people. Otherwise I managed the dirt OK, but not quickly enough. Everyone in the group I was riding with (we were pretty much the chase pack) was way better than I was on the dirt. It was a constant yo-yo. I went from off the back of the group after Sandy Bandy, to off the front after the little Bandy climb and Highland Valley descent, to WAY off the back by the time we got to the bottom of Del Dios. Same pattern with climbing and then descending Double Peak. Finished feeling pretty strong.

I was on a Tarmac Pro with rim brakes, Dura Ace C24 (which are not wide) w/ aluminum braking surface, Hutchison Sector 28s at 70 psi, 52/36 x 11/30. Most of the guys I was riding with also had road setups, just with a lot more handling skills!

Next year I will probably go back with a similar setup, but with 30 or 32s, slightly lower tire pressure, and hopefully a lot more dirt experience!