Be quiet pedals

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I ride a mostly quiet bike w silent components that work well. But for the life of me I can’t keep my my pedal-cleats interaction quiet. The pedals are Look Keo Carbon Blade (the newer version) with red cleats. I tried washing them, lubing them, using bicycle wax… They shut up for a bit and then are back at it.

If someone has a better clue on how to keep them quiet, or squeaking less, please let us know. I want a quiet 2021 on the road!

Thanks Guys.


If you’re using Look branded cleats, you might shift over to these guys to avoid that plastic squeak: E-ARCR3 H3

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I have the same blades but I wouldn’t say they squeak - rather I get a very consistent crisp clicking type of sound as i come around 6 o’clock.

The only thing that resolved it was stuffing a couple bits of electrical tape in the toe area. My thinking was maybe the brand new cleats were still not maintaining enough tension on the spring and maybe taking out a small bit of slack or softening the interface would help. It did, but this only lasts a couple rides and it will come back. Very noticeable on trainer before the fan is turned on.

Interested in any better ideas for this…

Noise cancelling headphones…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness, how old are the cleats? They may just need to be replaced.

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Have you tried hair spray?

I’m bald. But no, have not.


I had the same issue and the only thing I found that helped was to tighten them up a bit. They’re harder to get on and off but they are much quieter too. Oh and the noise canceling headphones help too!

How do you tighten up carbon blades? Only way I know is change to a different release tension spring.

To the OP - I’ve ran across people using a piece of elec tape on the base interface which is what gave me the idea to try it in the toe - seems for some people the metal plate on the pedal can be a source of noise. For me that area made no difference.

I’ll have to have another look. Maybe I’m confusing which pedals were noisy for me.

They’ve been like this for as long as I can remember, every set I’ve ever had has done it yet none of my Shimano cleats have ever done it.

I love my Assioma pedals but wish I didn’t have to use Look cleats with them (yes I know I can use the proprieines but every report I’ve read says they aren’t much use).

Maybe they are too clean?