Help fixing clicking sound

I’ve got a nagging clicking sound from somewhere on my bike that appeared about a month ago, its a tarmac with 105 and praxis crank… I’ve only been riding outside.
The sound does not appear on the stand, only when riding and occurs when the right pedal is in the 1-2 o’clock position. It seems to click once when the pedal is in that position and once when it is in the 7 o’clock ish position. Typically the sound will not be there for the first 7-8 mins of a ride then start up. It does not matter if I’m in the big or small ring or what cog I’m in, clicking is there. The sound is there seated or standing.
Last week I had the bike fully tuned/serviced by a contintental/word tour mechanic, I assumed that the sound was just drivetrain related so didn’t specifically mention it to him as I knew he would go over everything anyways, he is meticulous and the best around.
He replaced all cables and housing, removed derailleurs, cleaned and serviced them, removed brakes and serviced them, removed crank, chainset and pedals, cleaned and regreased, serviced BB which had no play, changed bearings in rear hub (unrelated problem), the bike has a new chain. He removed the fork, cleaned and regreased headset bearings which had no play and retorqued everything on the bike. The only thing he mentioned was that there was a little play in one of the bearings in the front wheel but he regreased and cleaned it in the meantime until I can get replacements.
The bike shifts like butter, feels great to ride except this stupid clicking. I have no idea what the sound could be as everything I can think of that could make this sound was addressed.

Try regreasing your seatpost maybe :man_shrugging:

I had this problem and it turned out to be the rear hub bearings working themselves loose. Tightened the bearing load adjustment and skewer tension and that fixed it.

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Had a similar problem recently but from the left side on every pedal rotation - went as far as having the BB replaced but that was not it. What fixed it for me was removing the left pedal (keo max), cleaning and regreasing the threads…clicking that plagued me for months is now gone.


Does it make the noise if your ride with hands off the bars?

If so, It sounds like BB/Crank related to me. I have swapped all of my bikes with pressed fit BB to the threaded version (I use Wheels Mfg which has solved the issues of removal/cleaning/regreasing and finger crossing to solve creakiness in BB.

I’ve also encountered a ticking noise while pedaling from an unused LOOK memory clip nut sliding around in my shoe. I fixed that by squirting a little silicone sealant into the slot to keep the blind nut from sliding back and forth.

Alternatively, this could be your fix :wink:

How worn are your cleats? Can you try different shoes? If the bike has just been serviced, and the clicking hasn’t changed at all, it might just not be the bike.

Tough problem to diagnose… look at your wheels… in my case I finally figured out it was spokes. Had an old pair of training wheels with black painted spokes which turns out are notorious for clicking where they cross. A drop of lube at each spoke crossing takes care of it for a while.

Could be so many things…pedals, pedal threads, crank interface, bottom bracket bearings or cups, seatpost, seat rails/seatpost head interface, headset, cable ferrules, wherl bearings, cassette interface…

My annoying sound was from my saddle rails. I didn’t see that your LBS has checked this.
Might be worth a try.
Tightened mine and applied a light spray of oil just to be sure. Never heard a peep afterwards.

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I doubt it is the saddle or the rails as the sound happens when I’m out of the saddle. My mechanic said the BB was perfect but I’ve heard the clicking can occur with pressfit BBs. I doubt it is ferrules or cables as this happened before it was all replaced.

I think I’ll do process of elimination from your suggestions.

I don’t usually ride no hands as no reason, i’ll try that first.
I’ll then throw on my other wheels and see what happens.
I’m using the assioma pedals but i think I have a new set of look cleats lying around, I’ll try those and then the pedals but the pedals seem really smooth.
Thanks for all the replies, Ill report back tomorrow.

Try another shoe/pedal combo - even a flat pedal and running shoe will work - to eliminate the pedals from the equation. Try no-hands - holding on to the stem is fine - to eliminate the bars. Swap the rear wheel if possible, to eliminate the cassette/hub. You already eliminated the seat/seat post.

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The “no hands” was to rule out stem and handlebars with the thought that your pedal stroke points of 1 and 7 may be push and pull on the bars. I’ve had creaking from the handlebar clamp which a little carbon paste fixed.

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People have mentioned pedals multiple times in this thread, but I had a very particular issue with a Shimano SPD SL pedal which might translate to Look-style Assioma pedals, as both of these pedal bodies use a spring-loaded mechanism which allows the back portion of the pedal to “pivot,” and then clamp back down on the cleat. I was getting a similar clicking noise as my left leg would come over the top of the pedal stroke. I removed the pedal, and then manually manipulated the rear clamping portion of my pedal back and forth, to simulate my cleat “pushing” it back to clip in, and then it clamping back onto my cleat. I noticed there felt like there was some noise/grinding as I did this. This led me to shoot some spray silicone lube into the spring/rear clamp area, which solved the problem. Long story short, I think some grit/sand/dirt/debris had worked its way into the pedal body near the rear spring/clamping mechanism, causing this noise. I think the lube flushed it out, and I have not had any issues since trying this. I imagine degreaser would also be effective if this is your issue.

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I took it out today for a spin today ready to troubleshoot it and of course no noise.
I’ve got a century tomorrow and I know the clicking will crop up 10 miles in and I’ll have to endure it for another 90 miles lol.
I did clean the pedals and relubed everything and did the same with my cleats after the ride so we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

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The problem realized you were ready to nail it. It then hid, as any problem will do in the face of a competent repairman.


I have a Specialized Turbo Creo SL which has a Praxis 46t and it makes sort of a dull click noise at the big end of the cassette… that sound disappears as I work in the middle or 11t/bottom of the cassette - in my case I think it’s related to the chain angle pulling on the crank.

I do get a bit of noise when in big ring and big cog due to crosschaining but avoid this as best I can, my noise is definitely different.

I did my century today and the clicking did pop up few times, I did ride no hands when it happened and the sound was still there so at least that is eliminated. Normally thoug once the sound happens it stays til I’m done. So weird.

So frustrating! I’ve also experienced noise when the rear axle isn’t tightened sufficiently.,.

Annoyingly, I think you are going to have to make a list of possible culprits and spend an afternoon working through them systematically. Start with the most likely and go from there. If all of those things don’t work, go back to the mechanic who serviced the bike, tell him the problem and what you have tried, and see what he suggests.

If it makes you feel better, I had a metallic noise coming from somewhere around the saddle/seatpost area for months. Subtle, and occasional. It took me ages to work out it was my keys clinking in the pocket of one particular top :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: